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just some fan fick scribbling I've been working on

The Realm of Holding and its History

Tall Porks Adventure Begins 

Spell Thief Kristy Keen VS The Ageless and there Supporters

The realm of holding a reality out side of our own full of all sorts of items sent there by there owners. Wether to keep items safe or just to have more room to carry stuff people seem to love to put there belongings in here. An dark abyss with no conceivable end to its expanses. A realm full of various different sizes of bubbles each one full of different items each one leading to a different portal connected to a object enchanted with the holding spell. But beyond that nothing else is truly known. Do to the realm being extremely difficult and dangerous to travel through research has been nearly impossible. What created this realm, why does it work the way that it does, is there a way to control it we may never know. 

In a large bubble with in the realm of holding a tiny keen was sleeping on top of a large pile of bones. Her only cloths seemed to be the 2 cotes that were separating her from the mound of skeletons bellow. A gnome about the same age as the sleeping keen stood near the bace trying to get her attention. While also not getting close enough to see her sleeping. When he was finally able to yell loud enough to wake her up. She ,felling vary embarrassed, quickly put on both her jackets and slid down to him stoping when she reached eye level. It was at this moment he knotted just how torn and tattered her outer cote, a ogre leather clock, was. The damage was probably to the extent that the clocks effects probably no longer worked to the extent it should. The inner cote, a freeboot cote, was in good condition expect for the buttons witch were replaced by some small bones. She bent her head down putting her face directly in-front of his. This startled him causing him to step back. After a few moments she finally spoke. “What do you want brother i was in the middle of a nap” she said sounding fairly annoyed.

“Sorry sis but i thought you might want to add another ageless to your pile there”. said the gnome with a playful tone on his voice. 

“Is it a ageless this time or just 1 of the age less supporters” said the keen the annoyance in her voice starting to disappear “you know how much i dislike blood and flesh getting mixed up in my pile”.

“I don't know her name is Harley she’s a witch who uses staff magic to attack and defend”. Before he could get the last few words out the keen interpreted him.

“I know full well who that is”. a look of discussed mixed with psychotic rage came caroused her face. “Those x paladin types are so fun to play around with” 

At this she went silent clearly planing how she was going to kill her next target. The gnome picked his lantern of holding and waved his hand in-front of her face. 

He smiled at her saying “mind if i tag along”

“Sure” the keen responded while picking up her firing pan of holding. “Just as long as you don’t get in my way”.

Before our story can begin we must start off with a little back story. There was once a child of a divine named Edoulas. He was powerful and addicted to gathering knowledge. Edoulas searched the land for any and every thing he could learn. From all the magic of the realm to each and every trinket he could find. But like with every seeker of knowledge there came a day when he could no longer find any thing else to learn. This made him very sad and upset. So he traveled up The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry to speak to the dragon aspect Quintara Lotus his ant to ask her one question.

“Is there nothing left fore me to learn in the realm?”

Quintara answered him “you already know far more than even I. Im afraid to say this but i truly believe that there is nothing left for you to learn in this realm. At this he felt very discouraged he started to turn to leave when he suddenly had a idea 

“If theres nothing left in this realm for me to know then i should just go to another realm”. At this statement Quintara suddenly appeared in front of him.

“No” she said to him vary sternly. After a pause she continued “you must not leave this realm. You are the strongest among us and already know all the secrets of this realm.” she paused again almost as if she was trying to catch her breath. She commuted every couple of words being followed up by a gasp. “Your the only one who could defeat him. Your the only one capable of deleting him. You must” at this she collapsed. Her mind still conscious but her body completely paralyzed un able to retain any breath. 

Edoulas turned towards her with a look of disinterest mixed with disappointment on his face. He pulled a old rug out of his bag and rolled it out on the ground. he turned towards his ant one last time to say “farewell” before standing on the rug and disappearing into a into another realm.

It was a sunny day at the grand paladins eastern HQ.

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