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What Could Have Been

I have wanted to make this thread for a while, I wanted to ask myself and the fans to theorize how specific events shifted the entire story and what we think it would be like had those events never happened, or happened differently. For this specific post I wanted to get some "alternate history" ideas from the fans on how the donation event for campaign ten season 1 shaped the Urealms world we know and love.

Thinking about it it is crazy to think this one event shaped the entire story thus far, if we had never woken Goldstandt, Bopen may have never come into the show, Virgo may not have died, The grand paladin order would never go to war with ageless. Hell the ageless may have never played a part in the series at all.

Anyways enough of my rambles, I would love to hear some of the fun butterfly effect type theories you guys have.


  • For that season 1 final donation, I think we may never have even gotten the dragon aspects without that choice. Picking to awaken the ageless one (as he was called) created the idea of gods in realms, which may have been the jumping off point for the rest of the gods with this divine introduction. The other choices may have led to more low level stories, especially the Phillipé one.
  • Piggybacking off that. I think the show itself would have remained entirely run off isolated stories or more loosely connected ones.
  • The Phillipé story with elves being moral has somewhat turn into the GPO. But it not cut and dry. Sure they help other people, but they will kill you if you ageless on sight, and they probably racist to kobold (thanks Roamin). The pork war story would be interesting. Season 2 would of been way more intense than it was. Same with 3. Sure 3 started the ageless war 2, but only 2 campaigns have really dealt with that. The Purge and A Night to Remember. 
  • I too was very interested in the prospect of the Elf vs Porc war @Dancorps13 ;. I think a lot of really neat stories would have come from it and it is the alternate history I like to theories about the most. Imagining Porbo taking the place of Bopen as the "main bad guy" of the story and exploring Porc society a bit more in depth.

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