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Could a Beleiver Dragon use creation magic?

You write a book about a fictional dragon-aspect set in what is for you, the "real world". Later on, a beleiver inhabits that book, and becomes said fictional dragon aspect.

did you inadvertently create a god? Discuss.


  • @TamTroll
    No, my belief is that believers can only become so powerful, becoming a divine is out of their range
  • Well, Dalfgan (the believer) may or may not have been capable of creation magic. We haven't seen anything that would confirm this hypothesis one way or another. But there are certainly powerful beings, such as Bopen. So, it might not be a stretch to assume its plausible. Further in favor, a book could be written about anything. And if it was a story about a character's development and ascension to divinity. I don't see a good reason they'd be less divine, despite being a believer. I mean, the song of the dragons is pretty clear... So.... it should be possible.
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