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What happened to painting girl?

At the end of one of the campaigns, a girl failed a death roll but got pulled into a painting by Sallazahar Sintour instead of dying. The Divine Decision was to choose (secretly) what would happen to her, and they said it would be revealed in the finale. I don't remember getting conformation on what happened.


  • That was the divine decision of the previous campaign, she failed a deathroll however whoever first fails a natural death roll will suffer a fate worst then death, we choose to give that fate to her, as she failed first, instead of ghostblade
  • What Mortem said, in the future (probably before S4) there will be a the show where we craft a divine (craft a god donation event), and I'm not sure if that was confirmed, but I'm pretty sure that Janah Barrringster will in some way be involved with that (we will most likely also see Sallazhar (and maybe Douglas) and Maelstrom (and maybe Empusa) in that show)
  • We are just in the theory/guessing stage as to what the "fate worse than death" is that she has to suffer because of that death. My current guess (/hope) is since Rob has an avatar planned that will be released after that fate is revealed (or was it after the divine is made?) I think (/hope) the fate is being transported and trapped in our "realm" by being an animated avatar that looks terrified and is trying to escape because she's actually there, in the avatar.
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