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Schizophrenic Cornerstone doesn't make any sense

Instead of causing any paranoia or hallucinations it is effectively a +20 stamina boost. What would make more sense is that when you critical fail you have a funk-esque hallucination that messes you up for the combat.


  • the card should probably be renamed to Multiple Personality Disorder or something
  • Honestly, I think the card works as it is. Cornerstones are meant to be a guaranteed buff, but Attributes can land either way. It is the only way to get more than a single Attribute, so this card really stands out.
  • It's not really schizophrenic in our world - shizophrenia doesn't cause multiple personalities and is more revolving around auditory and visual hallucinations. But in UUUUUUURRREEEALMS, where the lore is made up of whatever rob wants, it sure as heck can be. 
  • I mean that's also DeadRealms, we've never seen a schizophrenic in Urealms, and rob and DB may have been lax because it was Joe's first show and whatnot
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