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Dead Realms Thread: Clown Clampdown

edited November 24 in Campaign Threads
This should be a fun one. We got unclejoe and some fancy new cards to test out.


  • Gotta love Deadrealms
  • @Rob When I first heard an Unclejoe was joining, I thought it was gonna be Youtube Animator 'Ukinojoe', who also went by Unclejoe and just Joe. :peace: 

    Still, I'm actually looking forward to this Deadrealm Campaign. :)
  • won't be there to see it live sadly. looking forward to the youtube release! :P
  • Amazing show, Loved the uncle joe addition :P
    Wanted always to have a uncle now I do :D
  • Was a great show
  • edited November 25
    Loved the addition of Joe. I was dying of laughter at several moments. 
  • Nooo went to canada for the day and did not have internet. First campaign I have completely missed :(
  • shoot, fell asleep for 15 hours and I missed it. I guess I am a VOD boi now
  • edited November 25

    Chaotic at start got better By the end.

  • This was a great show and I had a lot of fun.
    I showed up late and had zero clue what the hell was happening. So I donated, and that somehow brought Rawbs character back to life and things began to spiral into hilarity from there. It was nice to feel like I made a difference.

    Gotta love the Deadrealms.

  • @ZeoCobra "I showed up late and had zero clue what the hell was happening."
    Oh, don't worry. Even people around from the start had no idea what was going on. I'ms till not entirely sure how we went from Fortnite Wizard to Clown Dragon, but we did it, some how.
  • I know this is basically spam, but i can't ask Rob any other way, since the PMs don't work. How do i make posts on the forums? There doesn't seem to be any options to post.
  • @PurpleDynamite
    Happens to every new account, just wait it out he added a waiting period to make posts to prevent bots and all that shit
  • Ok. I thought i would only be restricted for 24 hours like the banner said, but its been several days.
  • @PurpleDynamite perhaps it got changed to be based on level? I see your still level 1. Start clicking on the gold chest at the top right to "roll for gold" amd xp each day. You'll quickly level up to start. You might be able to post at lvl 2 or 3.
  • Man this was so good. Once Joe got settles in to the flow he was so funny and fit right in with the rest of the guys. Look forward to having him back. Keep up the amazing work!
  • If your still not able to post, for me it took about a month @PurpleDynamite
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