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Unnamed "Tricks" Cards on the Cards page

I was checking the "About" tab of the website to see what all Legendary spells there were (I know Greater Pyroblast is a thing, but I was wondering what some of the less devastating spells are). I noticed a bunch of unnamed and unclassed cards were in the, all of which have Deadbones tossing a bunch of Joker cards out with text at the bottom with an effect. I never saw all of the last Deadrealms, but I don't remember seeing or hearing about them in what I saw live. I also couldn't find anything about them searching the forum or wiki. Were these shown before and I missed them, or are these something Rawb (or DB) accidentally put up for Deadrealms or a Donation Event and we weren't supposed to see them yet? I assume this is Deadrealms, considering the Skeleton man and the fact that most of these cards have meme/reference titles and does silly, fun to watch stuff, but I don't remember them in either Deadrealms, from what I saw of both.

If this was in a previous Deadrealms, then I'm surprised I didn't find something about them on the forums.


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