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Thank you Rawb and the Urealms Cast

I built an entire LARP, with a highest player count at 15 players, with just myself and a friend because of your show and how you taught me that if you want to make a production, then you can make a damn production and you can do it well! I'm a mechanically minded person and I built the entire system based on the sensibilities of the Urealms system while adapting it to real life. Numbers, damage multipliers, additional effects, hell even dwarves, elves, and my Others (dark enemies) were drawn up because of how much I love this show and how much I have been a fan of your work for such a long time even before this began.

While it has my own stamp of originality as well as the collaboration I have had with others, it is because of what you and the cast have done that gave me the ability to make an entire full season of seven meetings. It has since grown into a full production with teams working on prop work, money being poured in, and everyone giving their all. Tot he point that our gear is so on point it was lauded in an independent film contest as a best props award for the realism of what we could attain. Though the acting sucks lol like really bad.

I am naturally a devoted tabletopper, and when I can I will launch into patreon to become your boss! But until then , hope it counts that you helped me create my own dream through the realization of your own dreams. Keep being you everyone, and that goes for all the other old gods as well!
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