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Danganrompa Roleplay character request and creation (8 out of 15 taken)

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This Roleplay is going to be based on the Danganrompa series of video games. In it 15 students who go to the best school in the world, Hopes Peak Academy, are trapped somewhere to live a "Peaceful communal life" and to "graduate" and leave you must kill someone and get away with it. The goal is to escape. Now all of you will roleplay the students of hope peak, who are all special, as they are all Ultimates, they are all ultimate in something. For this simply talk and we will discuss what your ultimate is.

Character creation
Character creation is a simply process, at least at first. First you give a name, date of birth and roll for legacy, after this I will give you your cornerstone and attribute. After this we will discuss your 'class' AKA your ultimate, after deciding on your ultimate I will make a class for you to use, after this you can make your backstory and you are in, note you do not need to post your sheet here as it can be secret if you so wish, though it may be possible where they'll know some details, if you are famous.

You are all in your first year of high school and you all got accepted at Hope Peaks Academy, however as you all enter the building you fall unconscious, when you wake up you find yourself in the entrance hall with the doors lock and guarded by machine gun turrets and solid steel door. As you explore you find there are no exits and all the windows are also boarded up with reinforced steel plates, you each have separate rooms that can be locked and are sound proof, you. That is when the role play begins.

How the roleplay will work
This roleplay will be slightly more story based then most, you can roleplay as normal. However at times, I will call you all to tell you stuff, such as the 'rules of the school' and so on. One of the big things that I think makes it different is that some of you will die. How it will work is as part of your character discussion we will discuss things like dark secret, character flaws and one certain thing that would drive you to kill, it does not have to be something even they know, such as anger and insecurity. After this I will ask you if you are willing to be the first killer or first victim, if so I'll make a note. At some point, atleast 2 weeks will pass after the start of the roleplay and after every trial (I'll get to them) I will gather everyone and provide a 'motive' what this is will all be similar however you will each receive something different, I'll give you each of you details, if you feel the motive is enough to kill then tell me, I'll put you on the list of maybe. Once I decided who the killer and victim are, I'll private message you and tell you who you will kill, at that point both of you will talk in pm how the killing will be done, note tell me all the details for the investigation. Once that is done I do a scene where everyone reacts to the body and everyone will then begin looking for evidence, I'll give you all reports of the body condition, such as time of death and how they died, though it will depend on the case, and I'll all tell you via pm what you saw and if you had any alibi's. After I feel you have enough details to work out who the killer is we got to trial, where all the players talk about evidence and where it all leads, if players for some reason can't roleplay or drop out I'll roleplay that character, the trial will basically be questioning people about what happened

I know this is complicated but please be willing to give it a try I'll be handling most of the complicated stuff.

This is a No magic rp and you will all play as Humans

I know 15 is a lot of people and being part of roleplays is a little bit sometimes hard to predict, as such I will handle any characters that you make but suddenly realise you can't roleplay with anymore.

If we can't get 15 people, no big deal I'll reduce the number required and maybe make a couple of characters I'll play myself.

Thank you if you took the time to read this


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