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Galen Sunsword is interviewing you as a potential murder suspect



  • Galen, do I look like someone who would do such a thing that could tarnish my beard? I'd never let blood get on this beautiful beard of mine, I care about it too much. Therefore, I am not the man you are looking for.
  • "Brave, Handsome, Galen Sunsword, Captain Galen Sunsword I mean. I stand here to present a why I am innocent, which I DEFINITELY am, I can even provide evidence!"

    *I reach into my pocket to get "it", and continue talking whilst searching*

    "You know, we could just sit here for a time and listen to why I am innocent, you can caste judgement, OR..." 

    *I take out EXP and other means to party*

    "We can spend it having a good time INSTEAD,and you know... You do deserve a break with all the work you've been putting in through this case..."
  • So I know my alibi isn't great. I leave the room for 10 minutes, and during that time someone was murdered. But here's the thing: I went out for some air, and the murder happened inside the building. So, err, at the cost of getting myself into trouble for a different reason, I actually went outside to go hide a sword I took off the wall and accidentally broke, and I can show you where I hid it to prove it. So there, it couldn't have been me.

    ...What do you mean that makes me even more suspicious?
  • Look, Mr.... Galen, is it? I'm the innocent one here. I was attending this party as more of a bodyguard for my employer (Name), I would never, EVER, Attempt to murder someone here. That would be a preposterous idea, especially because of my line of work, Mr Sunsword. like I said, I'm a bodyguard, I don't kill for a living, I protect my clients for a living.
    If you wish to further investigate me, so be it. But know that the time you spend digging in my past is time you could've spent finding the true culprit of this crime. 
    Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go back to protecting my client from this new threat. Have a nice day, Galen Sunsword.
  • It's not a question of if I killed by someone, it's a question of if I could kill someone. Look at me, do I look like I could kill a person? My hands are too shaky, I've barely ever held a weapon in my hand, and if I had to kill someone, I wouldn't know where to start! The face? The chest? Their feet? Who knows, certainly not me!
  • c'mon guy, im a cool kobald.... koblald.....
  • Riddle_Amgine

    For context, my character would definitely be in the top 3 of suspects cause he's so secretive so he'd have to really try to get out of this... Also, this is really good for flexing my writing.  >_<

    His colourful robes brushed past as he walked into the dimly lit room, he glanced around eying the Elven guards. He sat down with a soft thud then looked up at the Sunsword with a slight smirk, “Galen, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you last, I was surprised to hear about the murder that took place, but sadly I did not do it. You should know I only kill for a contract, no gold in something so brutal as to kill a man whilst he took a piss..” the dwarf chuckled then glanced around at the guards again, “plus you should know if I really did kill him I wouldn't let you interrogate me, I would have killed every last one of you to be free. Well… maybe not you.” He chuckled again then looked down at his hands sadly. “I can tell you this; he did have a pretty price on his head.”

    Alos the Dwarven character "Riddle" only said 100 words, if anyone was wondering. :) 

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  • I didn't do nothing. I don't have no reason to do it, so why would I?
  • I couldn't have killed him, honest.      
    Look at this face. Is this really the face of a murderer?
    Now... if you want a suspect, I have it on good authority that it was that  guy over there *points towards a random person and tries to run*.               
  • I admit that I don't have a proper alibi and as it stands right now I will face execution. Seeing how it is unlikely a proper investigation will take place to exonerate me I demand trial by combat.
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    Look, I know it may look like it was me. I had the knife in hand, blood all over me, person at my feet. But if you close your eyes, and look into your heart, you will see that.... *Runs for the hills* :p
  • Wow, WOW push the blame on the only non elf in the room lets stop wasting time and find the real killer.
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    What the hell are you guys even talking about??
  • I am completely and totally innocent! The fact that I'm covered in blood, scratches, and my clothes are made out of rusty daggers, is totally coincidental!
  • Twas simply impossible for me to be the murderer. I have been touring my act all month. *throws out some magic flowers as a reference* I have been so busy traveling and interacting with my friends and sending ravens to all the most important people. I am far to exhausted from it all to consider murdering someone. Even if that one fan dared to throw tomatoes at MY show.
  •  But me lord Galen Sunsword, I am but a mere servant in his banquet hall. I know nothing of this murder, me lord. Please me lord, spare this old sunny soul, this old blind soul, this old man known as your servant. I know you speak true, me lord, so I will accept ye punishment, but take pity on a blind elf-man such as yourself. Me lord... Would you like a beverage?
  • hey look over there *runs away*
  • Well, you see. If i were an elf, then clearly i'd be a suspect, but i am no elf. Seeing as i am no elf, how could I ever harbor a grudge large enough to warrant death to an elf. that would be rediculous. I'd have to be paid to kill an elf, and I'm too rich to actually be paid money!
  • My lord Galen I would never betray you! For I am a loyal member of my house which is a strong ally of the Sunswords! And furthermore you have no right to insult me with this accusation. So if you have no further proof then let us return to the party.
  • Look everyone, I've been around for a while, and you all know me. I would never do something like this! To even think that I'd be responsible is maddening! I follow the sunsword values just like all of you. There must be something you're missing that we haven't seen yet.
  • "Oh please, you really think I could have murdered her? You think Gwyneth, fully realized Suncleric and daughter of Virgo Sunsword, could have been killed by me, Reginald Barringster II? The idea is simply preposterous!
  • Galen I am honored by this interview to be a potential murder suspect. I know the Einswoven family needs a bit more publicity to save our household, I don't feel like this is the best way to go about it. You want to help me... We have known each other since we were both young elves. But you have run out of ideas if this is what you have left to suggest. Thank you, my friend, but I decline.

    (*Sidebar* Get it? Because its interview, instead of interrogate.... probably wasn't very clever. )
  • I don't know what your problem is buddy, I didn't kill nobody. I haven't killed anyone in at least... you know what never mind that. I didn't kill no stinking elf and their isn't anyone here who can prove otherwise, and I know that the murder victim is an elf because you wouldn't care if it was anyone other than an elf, cause you lanky ass, smell, pretentious hipster bastards only care about your own damn kind. Go shove your damn face in somebody else's business you damn fey!   
  • My dear Galen, like you, I am a nobleborn. I myself AM from the Barringster family. Oh, don't give me that look, just because I'm no Sunsword doesn't mean I'm not royalty!
    That's besides the point, my dear fellow.

    Despite my family's... er... 'reputation', I can assure you that my father was in fact Jimmy Sunsword. A well respected, and definitely NOT INSANE elf. Insanity isn't even genetic, I-I-I mean, what could make you accuse me-e-e? I've never even seen the poor victim in my life! Mutilation and blood magic can be done by anyone! 
    ...How would I know that? Well, uh, I am a... very well rounded wizard! A simple corpse explosion spell is not difficult m-magic.

    Galen, wha-what are you doing?
  • Why am I talking to myself in the mirror? Is this how we elves do court nowadays? Alright then, I am Galen Sunsword, and on my father's life, I did not commit the crime. (Meantime the S2 ending happens)
  • I didn't do it. I've been nursing a headache and reading in the garden ever since some hobo threw a book at me on my ride here. It's simply an odd coincidence that it contains a chapter specifically titled, "How to make it Difficult to Tell if you are Guilty of a Crime when Attending an Elven Party"

    Upon closer inspection the book is a Dungeoneer Encyclopedia (
  • I could not have been the one to do such a thing as I was far too preoccupied with preparing for the end of the world. Granted I have been preparing for it all my life, but you never know when it will all come crashing down. Just ask the people of my home town, especially the local barkeep. I dont actually drink often but I'm there almost as often as anywhere else, as a bar is an excellent place to ovehear bad news.
  • Nice Moose.
  • I am appalled. You invited me to this party, seemingly on good will, and now you stand here accusing me of murder! I tell you, I was honoured to be invited and was looking forward to this day, and now this. I recognize that the circumstance we are in are unfortunate but that is no reason to just throw the blame around so freely!
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