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Galen Sunsword is interviewing you as a potential murder suspect



  • Stop questioning me, I only came here for the free food!
  • I know you know it isn't me and this is most likely a formality. I know you have no proof and you know I don't either. So I'll be going now.
  •  *Is extremely drunk*  New wert I wennna knaw ers' wech wern er ya's wernts to thernks erm' relly te morderer, came ern raise yee hands.(asks this question even if none is there)
  • I'm not or in case i have but i didn't do it. Because you assume i was but i am not willing to admit that i have maybe being in fact responsible for that - not! So maybe it was possible that i may have done such an act but you know that i could not not do it because i never ever have maybe not not done such a thing. So keep in mind that my not not doing of such a thing has never been an option for THAT thing to accure because i have never not said such ... *decapitated*
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    I didn't kill them, rather I set them free. They asked me specifically to help them with removing their hearts, I didn't want to. So what if they're now solely life-filled skeletal remains of their former selves, this is what they specifically requested that I do and in fact paid me to do, though it is no longer at all my responsibility what happens to them, you may kill them if they wish, I make it a habit not to get particularly attached to clients. 
  • @Rob look Galen, buddy... pal. Let's just wait for the authorities to come and investigate. Wha? Oh yes, you are the authorities! Well, me, Staniel, Tanya, and Jimbob were talking about how Bill and Joe are practicing that... you know... spell. The forbidden one. The *leans in close* Forbidden Spell. I was terrified. I saw when your cousin James, had the spell used on him. It was the whole reason why the high council agreed with your father to forbid it in the first place. If you have the time, please look into it.
  • @xandat combat has started 
  • I know that you have to talk to everyone here so I'll be brief. I'm not stupid enough to kill someone at a party. The risk of the body being discovered is too high and there are plenty of powerful elven guards around. If I were to hypothetically kill someone, and this is purely hypothetical, I would wait until AFTER the party is over to do the deed. It's far easier to escape when most of the guests and guards are liquored up and sleeping with each other or by their lonesome.
  • What? Now? OK. Wait, what did you want me to do again? Oh, right! Hi Gallon! What do you mean I spelled it wrong? I'm talking. Alright, hi Galen! My name is Jammy and I didn't do a kill because I'm a nice porc and I don't know how to do killing. I'm just a nice happy porc who wants to sing nice songs. Oh, that reminds me! My friend Dob taught me a really good song, you wanna hear it? What? You don't? Ok.... What do you mean I'm being arrested?
  • I didn't do it! I mean I did it a little bit but not too bad.
  • How could I be a suspect if I didn't steal any bones?
  • No. I am not the person who killed him. Although I wish I was the lucky guy to kill that piece of garbage. I've known that man for 50 years, and he's been is trouble for me. He stole my wife, screwed over my brother, and killed my best friend. So no Galen, I didn't kill that man, but if I wouldn't tell you if I knew who it was. Instead I'd buy them a drink, piece of shit Sunsword.
  • Honest to Quintara Lotus, before I came to this party I made an oath that I would not accidentally or intentionally kill anybody, and as an incentive, I swore that if I ever did I wouldn't be allowed to attend Velsafist this year. Ask ANYONE in my hometown and they'll attest to how much I LOOOOOOVE going to Velsafist each year so I was on my best behavior. I'd also like to add that being on good behavior is very difficult for me, so what the hell? I go out of my way to not cause a scene and I get accused of manslaughter? I'm not asking for a medal, but how about some due respect? This isn't how you reform problematic citizens. No wonder your crime rate is so damn high.
  • Galen, calm down son. You know I couldn't have murdered anyone! I was too busy talking with Gwyneth! You better learn to keep a hold of that temper, boy, or you might end up losing your head.
  • I'm a porc. Why am I even here?
  • Okay you got me i killed him *punch him in the face and run away*
  • I would never as a Paladin of the Grand Paladin Order commit such an atrocity. Let the almighty eyes of the light judge me for my innocence.
  • Just because you found me int the same room as the murder and holding the weopen that allegedly killed that man does not by any meens meen I did it. There is just no proof what so ever. Now leave me alone I have money to count.
  • It wasn't me, I swear!
    What? The blood all over me? I was trying to stop the bleeding!
    I'm a professional doctor! I have a medical degree in stab wounds to the lower exterior chest cavity!
    Yeah! I was, uh... Using this knife I'm holding to place in the wound and stop it from bleeding! Almost saved his life if you hadn't pulled me off of him! You're the real murderer here!
  • I couldn't have killed them. During that time I was busy killing some gnome with a glass eye for looking at me funny.
  • -Is a mute squire-
    -shakes head no- 
    - writes on paper "I'm not being quite because I'm guilty ... I can't speak!!!
    -gets angry and stomps off tossing the paper up in the air

  • Look here Galen, you have two choices, me a lovable and cute gnome or that dreaded Goblin scum over there, in fact I am surprised you are even questioning me Galen when we all now it was the Goblin, so put this friendly keen down and punish that nasty goblin.
  • "Why it'd be me ye always point yer elven fingers at when theres a murder? Aye may be an insane pirate laddie, but aye don't kill much landlubbers, plus this 'ere victim was a friend of mine, he be only reason why i'm here. But since hes dead aye can leave to prepare to pay me respects to him later."

    "Is this thing still on, can aye go already!?"
  • Just because I poisoned the wine, the cake, the floor, the lunch, the jester, the rat hole, and the last of the silver doesn't mean I'm in with bopen. I'll have you know that I went down to the ocean myself! I plead insane.
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  • Well as a kobold I am a known truth teller. So when i tell you that i did in fact kill Colonel Mustard in the Dining room with a Candlestick it will invariably prove my innocence. (Kobolds lie) 
  • What?! Im just a boat with a boatface!! Boats cannot commit crimes, please! spare me!
  • All this time- I've helped you this entire investigation! What could you possibly think I could gain from killing them, Galen? Power? Wealth? I have both, Galen. All I needed...All I wanted...Was friends. They were all I had. They were the only ones left who cared about me. I have nothing left. So go on, Sunsword. Do your duty. I have no reason left to remain on this world. Take my life, and clear up this whole ordeal, all neat and tidy.
  • Guilty as charged, so what? No one liked them anyway.
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    Galen, I can't believe you should stoop so low as to accuse your own brother. It's me, Fox, remember? We grew up together. Of course it wasn't me. What are you going to accuse me of doing next? Killing our father? 
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