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Galen Sunsword is interviewing you as a potential murder suspect



  • Me? Kill him/her? You realize how little they pay assistant doormen, right? I couldn't even afford to use the spell to kill him/her if I wanted to. Now if you would please excuse me, I hear more guests arriving...And don't be surprised if one of your paladin's coat is on the ground when you go to leave!
  • Pfff, your not foolin' anybody Galen, since the day you were born you always were jealous of me. ;) I mean its normal look at me im the best even your own father prefers me at you. Now please stop putting the blame on me and get the fuck out I don't want to see your stupide face anymore, >:( its not like somebody will believe you anyway, everybody knows that you can't stand me if you accuse me you will only like a fool >:) >_<
  • Okay did i think he was a stupid tally (someone who is tall) yes but the potion i slipped in his drink was just a polymorph potion its not my fault he turned into a hat rat. Well i guess it was but i didnt steal his hat.
  • Sorry but a dumb Porc like me, wouldn't be able to understand the word "Innocent", so when he asks me "Ok you stupid Porc, tell me did you eat my moose, ARE YOU GUILTY" Me, as a dumb Porc, Yup I'm 100% Guilty. And it ends with Hammer in between my eyes, and lodged inside my skull.  
  • @Rob *sigh + facepalm*Galen you do realise there are magics for this. If you'd like I can find out who your culprit is. Now, where's the crime scene. Alright, follow me. *casts dreamworld* Now, if i just... *projects the most likely series of events, to find Galen killed him* I'm terribly good at keeping secrets friend... For the right price of course.*meaningful stare*
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    Character: Atoc Y. Mue the traveling Keen Bard from [insert hidden keen village]
    Stage Name: Amanita
    Cards: Atoc_Y_Mue

    Of course you'd suspect the Keen wearing vines for clothing. Also, what's with the Anti-Magic Prison Collar? I was only hired to create hallucinations to cater for your understaffed party and play some music.

    No, I did not use my mirror images to assassinate the elf and distract everyone else with my fantastic melodies. Nor had I had time to charm someone into killing that poor elf. Like I said, the other images were catering the shrimp to the Barringsters and I was playing on my Arcano Lute.

    However, I'm flattered that you enjoyed the music Mr. Sunsword. ;)

    Also image of what Amanita could look like

  • I mean they were goblins so does it really count as murder?
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    Well just let me show you something that will prove my innocence...." I use my invisibility cloak 
    and right after Lascene to move Galen as far as possible  and then with my last anytime i use an Swiftness potion to run away from him  "
  • Look, if I killed him he would still be walking around. That's kinda what necromancers do. I can always bring him back so you can ask him yourself if you want... wait, what  do you mean necromancy is outlawed? *begins running*  
  • (This elf is drunk and is switching the sex of the person murdered) "Alright! You've got me! I killed him! She acted so snobby to me that he needed to be taughts a lesson! When I thought I had my shot at him, I TOOK IT! Aren'ts you glad I did it Galen? No one really liked her anyway! Let's just get back to having some fun and stop all dis serious stuff okay? Where's can I find a good drink around here...
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    That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works. I am innocent until proven guilty. Are you just going to interrogate all your potential suspects and lock up whoever gave the least satisfying answer? The onus is on you Galen Sunsword; come back when you have any proof at all.

    Also, how could I have killed [the victim] when they're alive right here?
    Pulls out bewitchingmirror with the victim trapped inside and takes a sip of wine.
  • "Look man, I'm studying at Okanoma(sp) right now, and I was working on a paper the entire time. Speaking of which I kinda need to go finish that so am I good?"
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    Listen here Galen it wasn't me, I was getting a drink for my fiancee and when I came back it had already happened. If you don't believe me you can go ask my fiancee or any of her friends, and if even that does not make it clear that it wasn't me, you could go and ask the bartenders if I was there when it happened.

    And from what I can see it looks like you don't have that time to spare.

    So I don't think it would be smart wasting your time doing that.

  • Wait someone else died? How am I on trial for this case you already know I killed the other guy see I took his eye.
  • i´am happy to not only prove my innocence. but also too announce that i saw how did it! it was Rob 
  • Galen Sunsword. I speak to you not as a criminal, but as a fellow believer in true justice. Just as you in the honour of the Sunsword name cannot let evil go unpunished, neither can I. I prove my innocence. I speak pledging to give complete honest, on my family name. I believe the murderer couldn't have been me, because the murderer... IS PHINEAS BARRINGSTER!!! He wishes to engulf the world in his darkness. So as I stand here today. For true justice to be made, you must lock away Phineas Barringster. And finally, you must let me go free.

  • OK, sure I killed them. However, they were goblins.
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    Kobold kobold kobold kobold kobold kobold. Kobold kobold kobold kobold kobold kobold Kobold kobold kobold kobold kobold kobold Kobold kobold kobold kobold kobold kobold Kobold kobold kobold kobold kobold kobold Kobold kobold kobold kobold kobold kobold Kobold kobold kobold kobold kobold kobold, and thats why I'm guilt. I mean innocent. (Plot twist: not even a kobold)
  • Innocent backwards is t n e c o n n I. 
  • Of course I didn't kill them. Ghosts like to SCARE people, Mr. Sunsword, we do not kill people. If everyone is a ghost, then there will be no one to scare!
  • I say my good sir, I HAVE NOT killed this man! You can look through my schedule and you can ask anyone around, you will see that at the hour of the crime I was teaching the Forbidden Spell to my pupil Flifferous Raondal on the other side of the town. Why would you even suggest that I would do such a thing.
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    Well ain't this here jus' typical. Somewho's jus' ges offed, and who do they turn the blame to? Jus cause I be in Berserker monthly' most bloodthirsty seven times, you tink I done it? If Ida offed that bloke, he'd be missin is 'ead. I always take da 'ead. What? He is? How bout dat. Well I got my bag o' ' eads right 'ere. Da victum one a dese blokes?
    ~ Mongo, Black Boar Berserker
  • Are you really so incompetent that you're going around accusing your guests?  I have never seen such an unforgivably rude act in all of my years!  I will answer none of your questions, I have no time to waste helping you on your pathetic little endeavor.

    Why don't you run off downstairs and question the help then, hmm?  Some of them are from the lesser races, and if you're wondering who would commit such a barbaric act, perhaps you should first ask the barbarians!
  • Galen, Galley, Galleyboy von Sunsword, I can't have committed the crime for one reason and one reason only. I have no Lotus damn clue what the crime is.
  • "Its a horrible thing that happened, to think someone would do it with so many .... wait I Jerry Jon am a suspect? Why? I am a way to old Kobold to do it, I have fun watching over my employer's. Order them to do it?! Kobold! Kobold! I Jonny Jaen would never... what do you mean I am lying about my name, could be lying about other staff? I am Jonath Joe I said my name 3 times already in last minute! People nick named me of 20 other J, Strange nickname dont ya think. .."
  • I may be just a simple country Goblin, my dear boy, but if there's one thing I know it's- *Casts Invisibility*
  • I am a protector not a murder Galen. I do not appreciate these accusations! On that day I was protecting the key. You can ask the two other guards. You will see after you have spoken to them that I am innocent. @Rob
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    "Me? A murderer? Hahaha you're a funny one Gallen! You must get your humor from your father. Virgo's jokes would have us all dying of laughter. We were all losing our HEADS over it. But seriously, instead of accusing me of such idiotic crimes you should be getting ready to take over the militia. If you're going to be wasting your time like this maybe Gwyneth would be better fit to take over Virgo's position. You may have his humor but I guess that is all you'll ever have from him..."
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    "Gallen, how long have we known each other for? Two minutes? Do you really think that after all of this time I would double cross you and kill this man? I mean, when you think about it, we've known each other longer than 516 children have been alive! What kind of monster would force all of those innocent children's parents to explain to them that the people who had been together since before they were born were going to be leaving each other."
  • You are making a mistake here. Look, I may or may not have killed this person you are talking about, but I am more useful to you alive. I know the ins and outs of the underground, and if you want an easy time capturing those idiots, you are going to need me as a key part of your operation. Kill me if you want to, but you will make your men suffer having to exterminate the criminals crawling around these streets.
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