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Galen Sunsword is interviewing you as a potential murder suspect



  • Oh, come on Galen. You can't possibly think it was ME. As you might know, I've known <insert victim name> since before the birth of magic and I've had countless chances to kill them after the Hatching Why would I choose to do so in an elven party, from all places? With you around? I could have done it when we were exploring the jungle of Chukawaga (or however the place that Duke Daring mentioned was spelled) together. Now, I won't deny that I have hated them ever since they did that to my sister, but MURDER? Such a classless revenge, I'd never dirty my hands with that scum. I can warantee you that it wasn't me or my name isn't Basil Barringster the 5th.
  • I could never have done the deed. I was on a trip to abrakadab and wasn't even in the same country. By the way the have the most amazing food there you should really try some of it. Oh yes So I was there working as a escort for the royal family, thus I couldn't have killed them. The royal family can confirm this.
  • Why pray tell am I a suspect Mr. Sunsword?  My record is nil and many can vouch for me, I've been sampling the hors d'oeuvres and people watching all night dear, not a violent bone in my body.
  • Bah, the killing was crude, if a keen had done it (the smart and handsome creatures that we are), the nobleman's death would've looked accidental. Besides, I'm far too Intelligent than to simply stab the man- i'd been planning on using blow darts.
  • @Potato_Chip I really appreciate that amazing reference
  • I'm sorry, but I'm a ghost, and am intangible, and cannot touch anything. Besides, I don't have a guilty bone in my body. Or a body at all.
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    I did not kill him, though I wish I had. I wish I could see his dying face of regret as his soul escaped his dead corpse, but unfortunately I was at Battle of the Bards having a great time with Mariachi, go ask her yourself if you do not believe me.
  • it definitely wasn't me i was hired to kill that guy over there not the one you found dead, although they do look rather similar... you can't incarcerate me for something i haven't done yet. but in the mean time do you want me to show you the spell of bearding?
  • Galen please... I've known you for years now. You know I would take my own life before I take that of another. I have been a combat medic for the Grand paladin order since before (insert grand paladin two before Virgo) became Grand paladin. Please Galen I know me and (victim) may have fought a few times but only over personal beliefs about violence. I wouldn't dream of hurting him/her, but if you find out who did it tell me. I would be happy to assist your investigation in any way i can.
  • Wait...with Rawb's new info on Galen's quest coming up in the future...this thread could actually play a bigger part than one may have thought~
  • @Rob As a member of the Grand Paladin Order, I swore an oath only to kill the unjust and the undead! They were unholy and unjust in their actions.
  • @SMS00 very little is done by the head moderators without purpose. :drunk: 
  • "Look, it isn't a matter of whether I'm innocent or not. It's a matter of who's less innocent out of all of us. Why should it just be me being interviewed when there are a lot of other elves all around us? Well, that question can be expanded even further! What if some of the elves in this party are actually ageless in disguise! What I'm saying is that I'm innocent because I am most definitely not an ageless."
  • Us city gemlings are not brutes like the rest of these mudwalkers(slang for people who live out of caves). And besides, we only attack when provoked, and as for when we attack we're in huge numbers. I don't see that many gemlings in one place. How about you Sir Galen Sunsword?
  • Listen mang, if I did it, you wouldn't even be suspecting me, I'm that good. I woulda had an airtight alibi, been in jail the night before for causin' a ruckus, the boys woulda busted me out in the middle of the night, and then I woulda done it. I'd be back in there the next morning. You know it ain't me because it coulda been me.
  • Oh Dearie! I couldn't have done it sweetheart. I was having some lovely tea with my little Ogre Grummy! I remember it quite fondly, there was a verrrryyyy handsome man there I do remember that much. Ah and I had to hold Borris' tongue down, it still hurts where I grabbed it, ask him!
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    Yah know, coming in here was a terrible idea. I think I better leave. * Walks off in a totally not guilty way, whistling a totally innocent tune that in no way implicated guilt*
  • I'm only twee *hold out 2 fingers*
    Also, have you seen my mamma
  • Hisss You will never kill the lizard people for we have already have lizard people in the highessst ranking positionsss in multiple factionsss all over the land. Yet even now we have infiltrated Grand Paladin order.  You can't stop usss now lance for we too powerful and great to be stop. FOR LIZZARD QUEEN, FOR LIZARD PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!
  • First off I haven't killed anyone since this morning. Second from what your telling me, I don't remember kill anyone like that. also I can't see where am i?
  • Kobold kobold. Kobold, kobold kobold. Kobooooold.
  • Yes. mhmm. What no! Absolutely not how dare you! Well that's just disgusting. What in the lights name even is a Gobolf? No I've never heard of one. I can assure you my mother did not do that. HOW DARE YOU CALL HER A MONKEYFISH!! We're at a civilized party I will do no such thing.. so what that's not the point! OKAY listen here you little funk gem lic..... oh greetings Galen, how have you been? A murder! What happened? Oh Carrion that poor bastard, so young. ME? Of course not, you know me i'm not one to use that sort of spells. I've been here drinking with Alex the whole night.... right you can't see Alex. You just gotta believe me mate.
  • Do you honestly think i would tell you if I murdered someone? No? You seem to not know who I am then, I'd tell you in an instant if I had killed someone. How'd they die, because I tend to use knives. If they didn't die from a knife wound or a slit throat, it couldn't have been me. Why yes of course I'm telling the truth!
  • Hey guys remember this?
    If your response comes up in the next campaign
  • Well I ain't murdered anyone one ya see, i'm just the bartender. I've been standin here all day. I ain't moved an inch I tell's ya what. I ain't even stepped out to take a piss, if i do, who would serve the drinks? i aint got but five seconds of peace n quiet, wanna know why? cause that man over there won't stop askin for drinks that he keeps on spillin on himself directly afterwards. there's also how if i leave someone's gonna steal the booze.
  • What? Why would I ever do anything? I’m a dwarf who sticks to my blade Galen! I can show you em right now! What did I do anyways? You elven shmelvin chimpunk magic should have figured out by now. If you would excuse me I’d like to leave before me and my blades are next.
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    Well you see here Mr. Sunsword if I had committed the murder I would have done it with my famous pyroblast. And if you were to look at the scene of the crime you can see that nothing is on fire or even chared. Yes, I get it you may think you could have done another spell, but that would be where you're wrong I only know how to make the spell of shaving and pyroblast. Now if you can let me get back to whatever I was doing. Ug thanks you made me forget. *walks away with a bloody knife in my back pocket*
  • Yeah, I did it. You got me. Congratulations!
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