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Galen Sunsword is interviewing you as a potential murder suspect



  • O'course I dint do it, I woz bizee eat'n dis delishoos fish yogot, d'ya wan sum? *offers a cheery smile too whilst thrusting the can of fish yoghurt far too close to Galen's nose*
  • Kobooooooolllddddd.
  • Well Mr. Sunsword I am a Dvergr Dvergr Dvergr. So I couldn't possibly be an ageless ageless. Also I was too busy posing as a statue for you cheap elves elves. *grumbling* Aren't even willing to purchase their own statue statue. *grumbling*
  • Oh the first elven party I can attend and this happens. Seems a bit too perfect for my enemies doesn't it Galen? I hope you don't take the easy way out on your detective work. I'll answer whatever you ask, I have nothing to hide.
  • "If i was a murderer wouldn't you think i would've killed everyone here already?, i mean if you think like a killer you would want to leave no witnesses and the last one remaining would be you.*gets sliced from behind by a goblin assasin out for Galen Sunsword's head*
  • Well, It couldn't have been me, Galen, I mean Sir, I mean your Lordship? Look me in the eyes and tell me you see a murderer! LOOK AT ME! Yes, it's true I have done other things in the past... But that's the paaaaast, forgive and- wait, what's that word when you forget something? Oh, Forgive and forget! Besides, I'm only a poor level one! So, Galen, what--cha-say to getting out of here and going to the Tavern on Fith? Maybe, just maybe, We can become Pals! What do you say? Just you, and me?... Hey, it was worth a shot. Oh, look! A Murder Bro!

    -Kaleses the Shadow
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    Damn elves are racist towards us kobalds just be cause we can triple wield and deal 10 basic dmg with claws and kill things easily in those respects. So what he might of been rich and haaaaad mmmmm... tasty looking gems on his suit but still! I know how to restrain my self Mr. Sun-sword. I'll be going now thank you very much! mummers under breath damn racists! 

    P.S: will a murderer be chosen or what?
  • Come on galen a little guy like me? how could i do THAT!
  • It wasn't me I was here for the drinks and to kill that guy over there.
  • Ish... Washn't... Me, shir! Ish wash... Shat ovuh Porc... Det 'un... hic! hah! hahah... Washn... hic! me... I fink... It wash det Jaybah deyah fellah down in der mines... hic! I hash nofin ta do wit det lil ol hic! ye! Wasn... me... hic! Woaoahhh..... Wah is thah room comin ta liife wit colah.... wooaahhhhhh...
  • Pfft Elvish Flesh who want's that. Only straight up Goblin flesh Golems over here. Elvish flesh is far to expensive, Goblin flesh is cheap and easy to collect by the hundreds. 
  • I don't see what the big deal is besides i was up all night killing goblins, don't believe me? Just ask them they'll vouch for me ;)
  • Listen Galen, I'll be straight with you. I have been tinkering and working on some machines of mine, but I would never use them for murder.  In the wrong hands, these inventions could be potentially dangerous though.  That is why my name is engraved on the weapon, I invented it.  Just don't ask about how they obtained it...
  • You seem a little moody to me, do you want me to sing a song? I know a really popular song about kobolds.

    **** the kobolds, **** 'em in the eye 
    **** the kobolds, **** 'em till they die 
    **** the kobolds, I hate all of them 
    Let's turn them into fish yogurt
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    You're jest accusing me because of the Sunsword genocide. you know what happened Galen, Puppeteers was messing with my mind. And i told you not to bring those pyroworks. It wasn't my fault that you're family members were slaughtered. Anyway's, I've done nothing involving you're friend's murder. But if I had to guess, i'm sure that Barringster had something to do with it.                  (points to Trandon) You seen what that psycho has done before.
  • Alright then, Galen. You've got me. But if you have an ounce of honor underneath that ridiculous fur coat, you'll give the satisfaction of a duel to prove my innocence. If I win, I go free. If I lose, well then clearly I didn't have the sword skills to kill a Barringster!
  • 1. I'm not a goblin.
    2. I'm not an ageless.
    3. I don't need 50 words.
  • @Stara You wanna run that by me again :angrybold: 
  • Not guilty by the reason of insanity.
  • Do you have Fish yogurt

  • okay so what if I "accidentally" murdered "someone". Is such an act reeaaalllllyyyyyy murder? I mean, last night I "thought" I dropped my scythe on something really squishy and screamy. But I'm very sure it wasn't a person thing! 
  • Well, my brother and sister elves. I ask you do you really believe that elf over there in the corner, That I someone as noble as myself has committed such an of treason against my own people. Now that I think about it, it was him! The elf who accused me it is him! A goblin could see through his lies. He is not even of noble blood, I heard his mom is half dwarf! Who even invited this half breed to this party. No one here would! We are all nobles, he is jealous of our prestige and just wants to see the elven world die. We should execute this swine at once.
  • There is no point to kill a man I have never met Galen. It is best if you look elsewhere my friend, good luck on your search. But you surely won't be able to arrest me for this charge
  • Galen how could I have done it, I transferred here from the Silver Mine Mountain clean up crew ten days after the crime was even committed. You signed off on my papers for re-assignment of work after one of the jail doors cut my leg off and one of the porcs ate it. I HAVE A PEG LEG NOW.
  • " Honestly mister... Galen was it? do you think a tiny keen like me could do anything to an elven party? I mean please look at me. I just a one foot gnome with better things to do then kill scum elf's like your self. now if you would please. I have more experimenting to do on witch creatures can bread. i have a Funk and a Catcoon waiting for me inside!"

    ( please make Catcoon cannon ) 
  • My character: "Me? Murder no no no no, why would an amazing gobli...."
    Galen: *slices my character's head off* Who let a filthy goblin in our trial anyway?
  • With all due respect Mr.Galen Sunsword I suggest you take a long hard look within your own ranks before you accuse me of any misdoings. I can attest to having seen something, but that information doesn't come free. Let's start at ten pieces of dragon silver and work our way from there--
  • I am a protector, not a murderer. That's all you need to know. If you don't believe it, go ahead and lock me up. I'll break out in a day or two anyway. This world will burn without us protectors standing together fool. So go ahead mister big guy, lose another helping hand against the forces of evil. .

  • Galen, I believe you’ll find that my fellow financiers and I have been sticking close to *ahem* certain up-and-coming members of *ahem* certain families during the entirety of the party. I’ll have you know that this “murder”, so-called, is far from the most exciting thing I’ve seen tonight. I’ve been watching where the money’s been moving, Galen, and if you want to unbury some secrets, you’ll watch the money, too.

    Just a thought. *Wink*
  • Does it really matter if i'm guilty? I've killed before. I did not commit this crime, but i'm willing to pay the time. im not proud of my past. My time will come. This murder was not my doing. You know my skills..and know them well. This is my last job. I'm changing my ways but death...yes death will come for us all.
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