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Galen Sunsword is interviewing you as a potential murder suspect



  • "Ah, yes, well, you see, it simply couldn't be me because I was out foraging for food, nothing beats the taste of nature, and I didn't return until it was dusk. I had a pleasant conversation with the local seamstress once I returned, I met her because I had torn my blood-red robe and needed it repaired you see, I also have the food back at home if you wish to   
  • I'm completely guilty, send me to the jail. I'm not going to pray to a dragon.
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    Now see here, in my business contract it clearly states the owner, myself, and my employees are not responsible for for the customers use of our potions and poisons. Sure he might've suffered from multiple organ failure and sure we are the leading supplier of high potency brews in the city but just because a woman may or may not have come here asking for just such a poison a few days ago does not mean we are responsible for what she did with it.
  • I have this contract,  see?:

    "I, Gary the gnome, have given permission to Endros the Magnificent to brutally slaughter me for the sake of his own version of the magical forums,  YesTube. The Vision In Detailed Exact Onolatry (V.I.D.E.O) of my death will be magically broadcast to YesTube account holders. Though the VIDEO will clearly show Endros the Magnificent using various forums of violence upon me, Gary the gnome,  Endros the Magnificent is completely innocent of any ordinances perceived to be broken in the VIDEO. 

    I have not been physically or magically coerced into this contract: Gary the gnome"
  •  I don't even know what way to point a sword, or a gun, or a mace, look I'm just not good with the killing stuff, um.... I don't know, where is my lolipop? 
  • Since elves are much stronger and more powerful, how could I ever kill one when I don't even have any arms?
  • What is murder? If by murder you mean consume some of these horderves, then i've been doing PLENTY of murderin'
  • tneconni thats how I can spell it backwards so I can't be a traitor
  • Shhhhhh *gives him 500 gold*
  • I was out hunting in the woods near my hometown nearly two days away from here... Yes I was hunting with a weapon... NO I DIDN'T KILL HIM! I was two days away from where he was... you can't say I did it in good faith. I hope you can find the actual person who killed him. I may go back to my hometown with my family to make sure we will be safe. Good bye! What no don't arrest me for a murder I didn't do you have no evidence you can't do this...
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    Killed him, no, I couldn't ah killed him, unless I killed him with mah luv. I could ah killed 'im with mah hot burnin' luuuuvv.*

    *It is really hard to transcribe some voices
  • I think that killing someone is pretty difficult. I might go through that effort if I had some incentive, but I can't possibly think of one. Can you?

  • What? Why would you even think I was the one who did it? Is it my bloody sword that caught your attention? You see, I... just returned from a goblin hunt! In fact, I even have some of the heads to prove it to you? What? You don't want to see them? Fine. Leave me be
  • Are you kidding me Galen, I was a rock when the dude died. 
  • I did not kill that man, as you can see from my eye *points to Gnomish Scopeye* and the bow on my back that I prefer to kill from afar. Though I do have this for close range protection “pulls out a billhooked short sword,” unless he has any limbs missing I’m not your guy. Plus even if he was killed by a bow I just proved I didn’t even know the cause of death, meaning again I’m not your guy.

  • Please understand, Mr. Sunsword that I have no affiliation with these other delinquents. I am a professor of Magic, not a juvenile murderer! My studies do not afford me the luxuries of greed, lust, or hatred. I have dedicated my life to this profession and take my duties seriously. I admire your passion to uphold the law and bring justice to these Realms. Surely that same passion and innocence you can see in me?
  • No it wasn't me at all, I was uhhh over there, yeah over there! I couldn't not have done it
  • @Rob
    if I was really guilty then why would I be standing here? I would have left by now. You should be blocking off the exits and searching the surroundings. No guilty person would be helping you so correct? Go ahead, ask me anything.
  • But porbo told me to, porbo big strong boy
  • no I didn't kill isaac I was too busy dealing with hanson for never returning my gnomeish VCR player... wait were talking about who killed hanson?...
  • Uh? Me no do thing! Thing bad for stomach *burp* me eat and drink here under the table, table comfy yes? yes!

    Want fish yoghurt? *burp* If me do thing me not eat fish yoghurt no more so I no do thing because me want fish yoghurt!

    Dwarf friend here with me too, we drink a *burp* lot under the table, very fine wine he say but I no think it fine, it more like *burp* go in mouth and gone like *burp* want some?
  • "Well you see, me and my- what? Me? Steal a couple of beers? Nahhh, it was just my conscious speaking to me in that cocky, luxurious tone of mine hehe."
  • Mate, *hic* both you and I *hic* know that las- *hic* night, a "special" *hic* someone brought some EXP Ale and it was a bloody good time. Just *hic* ask Dave, he was *hic* there with me!
  • I must be quite the busy elf, between my nonstop trips to the food tables, (yes, yes it was me. I was the one who ate all the desserts, I have a serious problem) it would have been impossible for me to commit this heinous crime, for it is a matter of pride that "no plate goes untasted".
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  • Hey cant we talk this out?

    come on ive got a family to see
    i never met the guy

    well then i guess this is goodbye
  • Sir Galen, I could not possibly have killed the individual in question. I honestly was not really a part of this party... I am simply a server, and I want to raise enough money to get by and I just... I just I want to be able to take care of my brothers. I thought I could serve and save money and become a wizard I just need a little more. know I am below in stature from you, and you could easily lock me away, but you have to believe me... I am completely innocent. I swear please...

  • Pardon me Galen, but I couldn't have killed them, I don't have any hands to begin with... Did you assume that I killed them because I'm a Dwarf?!
  • Alright listen. I know that it looks bad considering I have literally been caught redhanded, but what if I told you that he wanted me to kill him? No? Alright. WOOOOOOOORRRRMMMMMMHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLEEEEEEE

  • It couldn't have been me! I have a medical conditi-- *Sneezes and turns into stone*
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