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Galen Sunsword is interviewing you as a potential murder suspect



  • I'm not the murderer, I can spell innocent backwards. Tneconni, see, there's no way! 
  • Listen here lad, if I was the one who killed them, you wouldn't know about it. Don't come over to me trying to pass this amateur act off as mine. I've been around a lot longer than you might think, and I know a thing or two about killin, and I know damn well that if I wanted that one dead I wouldn't do it like that. Now buzz off little Sunsword, I've got a party to enjoy.
  • That incredible feat you may have witnessed may have been completely illegal, but I promise you no one got hurt. 
    *screaming in the background* 
    Oh gods... What have I done, take me in ociffer! 
  • How about we sit down and have a drink together Galen? Clear this all up? It's on me~ *Sits* Well you see, it couldn't be me because I'm a Sun Cleric and no Sun Cleric would betray the light or kill for no apparent reason. Maybe you should check the body and see if the dead person is a ageless or not.
  • The murder weapon was a knife, but I was in the cubbord! It cant be me, clue says so!
  • Yea, I killed him. What of it pretty boy? If you're soo upset about then draw your blade and i'll show you the same fate.
  • How dare you accuse... Mwah! Flint Santos, Groundbold Dueler Extraordinaire! Because I have a splatter of blood on my vest. I was entertaining some of your esteemed guests on the arena stage by demonstrating my skills in Karazzim Beast-dueling. You can ask the onlookers yourself, my performance was glorious.
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    Mike IronWill: Huh? um, I didn't do it? *tries to call invincible space dad for help*. Please! *Cries* You can't even kill me anyway so why!? *cries some more* (Mike is a crybaby even though he is powerful) Can't I like help you or something? Or wait until my dad gets here? *cries*
  • Look, I know you've had a.. erm.. bad day, but clearly you just aren't thinking things through. How about we take a day, or week, or maybe a year to think things over. Innocent until guilty I say! 
  • With all due respect, there is no way I could have done this!
    I'm not even capable of doing something like this. Look at me! Do I look like I could even commit such an act? I'm no fool and I know the punishment for that act and I respect you and your family far too much to ever even conceive of something so dastardly.
    I beseech you, use your great wisdom and see the truth. I am not the person you are looking for.
  • Sorry Galen, I couldn't possibly be the murderer, I was to busy in bed with your sister.
  • If i was guilty, would I be this handsome. I see you drooling. You're forgiven.  
  • HA! You say I'm the murderer but what if you're just trying to cover your tracks eh? You wont get away with this as easy as that cur! I know there is a conspiracy around here to dethrone me! Now cough up, tell me what you know criminal!!
  • Yes it was me. I killed them, but it was justified. They were trying to pull me into some weird ritual with blood and bones, and the guy's skin melted off right in front of me. I freaked out and hit him with my mace, and his skull exploded. Why are you so concerned with me and not with the other cultists in that cave?
  • Me a murderer? Ive never taken a life of another in my life except in self defense or when defending others. Galen, May I call you Galen or do you prefer Sir Sunsword? I would never commit such a betrayal of trust. I was lucky enough to be aloud to attend this party. I know my race is not known for its honesty. I would not want to feed into that stereotype. 
  • Those gems didn't look alive to me, I was just getting myself a snack. Wait, who are you blaming me for killing?
  • My dear sir, we both know you're merely making your way through the list of potential suspects. The evidence is all circumstantial as is. So, let us cut to the chase: my sword has a false edge, and so could not cause the cuts seen on the corpse. Secondly, though I am an alchemist, my skills do not extend to the paralytic toxin used on the victim. And finally, at the time in which your victim was murdered, I was busy explaining to your lesser guests the difference between the vintages of wine you procured. Is that sufficient, sir?
  • Galen my man...i'm a fucking Black Boar if i murdered one person you would know because you would see another 20 ish bodies. DO YOU SEE MY GIANT TITANIUM SWORD THERE'S IT HAS 40 RANGE 
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  • Uhh I didn't murder anyone because I was making delicious fish soup. Unless someone died eating the soup. That's happened before but not today. I think. Uh oh.
  • I realise that I may be seen to have motive, however I would not have been so careless as to leave even the hint of suspicion about me! I can provide you with my whereabouts at the time of the murder so, if we could wrap this up I'm sure we all have better places to be.
  • Galen, Galen, Galen, you should know better than this. If i was to kill one of you lot, you would never find out about it. Mainly because i would of killed the rest of you as well.  Now do you mind, I have a group of filly goblins to kill.
  • This was on his corpse *hands galen a book of bones* what do you mean you saw me plant that on him. *casts ghost noise* where does that keep coming from.
  • It's because I took all the fruit punch, huh?
  • What? You dare accuse ME of murder? I... I bet it was YOU! And you're trying to pin the blame on me! How dare you, sir! How. Dare. You.
  • @Rob
    I confess. >:)
  • @Rob We should call the authorities, someone has been murdered! And you can count me out, I was drugging all the food during the crime, ask the chefs.
  • Murdered? MURDERED?!? Oh how you light lovers amuse me. This corpse begged me to commit his pathetic excuse of a life to the service of the Great Darkness and I mercifully obliged. Now you may imprision me or break these bones of mine but just know that one day you shall look darkness in the eye and even the answers to your paladin prayers will leave you helpless against your eternal damnation
  • I would simply like to say, "T-N-E-C-O-N-N-I."
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