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Galen Sunsword is interviewing you as a potential murder suspect



  • huh, acussing me of murder in this illustrious elven party ive been invited? you think one of the most important traders of the region would lower his standards to such a lowly thing as taking another man's life?.  you make me laugh patetic paladin,never geting things done. just like his father
  • Guildy? Is that like a fashion trend in New Porc city? I'll have you know I am the biggest porc fashionisto this side of...wherever I am. And the crime scene? Not pretty enough, needed more flourish, this was just sloppy, It couldn't have been me.
  • I'm 100% not the murderer.
    whats that? How do you spell innocent backwards?
  • Murder? As if I'd soil my hands or with such a deed. I had hoped to enjoy this party but now it seems I'll be stuck here longer than I would have liked. Now if you'll excuse me I need to get back to the buffet.
  • It couldn't of been me, I was inside my house the entire time studying the arts of the dark magics.
  • How dare you sir? Accusing me of this crime? Well I can promise you I did not do it. I swear it on the Light.
  • I would never kill anyone for I am a peaceful monk, but I will be happy to help in any way I can.
  • @Rob looks confused* yells out: I DEMAND TRIAL BY COMBAT charges into the flames*
  • All you Sunswords are the same same. Just because my great grand pappy didn't the accords accords. Now why don't you go talk to a Barringster Barringster? Ther're the ones that done it it.
  • @Rob well Galen, it is I the keen wizard known as nisovin. I may not look like or sound like him, but trust me I am only under the illusion of a disguise spell. Trust me I would not have done such a thing because I am merely an illusion. It may have been another illusion.
  • You see...... 
    (In meta)I cast blood wave center around her, hitting her and the guard
    (In game) Hahahahahahaha. (fight till ether she dead or Im dead. If she dies, then runs away
  • Help i am dying after i read @OlympianHeros one XD

  • Galen, our families have been allies for a long time now, I have killed no one lest they were an Ageless or a sympathizer.  Should I be found guilty, know that that means this "victim" was one or the other.
  • But Cousinnnnn! I was just practicing my blanket of darkness so I can become the most powerful caster in the world! Besides, he deserved it. ahahahahahaha! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  • Oh darling, I would never commit any crimes such as those. The only thing I'm slaying is this outfit cause girl do i look good. Now if you really want to find out who did this I suggest turning to that elf that works at Old Marie's. I heard from the boys outside that she's been dealing E.X.X.X.P. to some of her "customers". 
  • "T-N-E-C-O-N-N-I"
  • I was too busy passed out on the floor after many rounds of ale.
  • I mean you could interrogate the bartender who's been with me all night, as I've been here all night!
  • Do you hold up every kobold on the street? I don't like dwarves but you don't see me pointing any fingers at them! Stuck-up elves and their "higher morality"... Practice what you preach!
  • I did what I must have because I found that they were two goblins in a trench coat so I was obligated to pyroblast them to ashes. So lord Galen I did what I must and was fully justified.
  • Sir Galen i am but a simple keen i could not even lift that 10 foot great sword impaled in victim. Sir Galen I am a witch what use would i have for a sword anyway. 
  • @Power Yes he does. All I did was stab a corpse after casting sandstorm. And yet for some reason I'm to blame. Racist Elves.
  • Whoa there don't lose your head

  • Me? Never my friend, I am a simple Thane with one goal in life, to search for ancient artifacts and make sure they are kept in safe locations. I hardly come into contact with other people and I'm only here to talk to a business partner which I've been with the entire evening, her name is Kaynar, she's a Paladin. I hope that is satisfactory? Or need I ramble on?
  • If I had killed that puny elf, I would have challenged him and struck him down in an honorable duel. Not that you understand honor, brat.
  • was him. *Bolts*
  • I have been just knocked up on EXP for like hours, to be honest it could've been me and I couldn't remember. but I think everyone in town was watching me take a bath in the tavern's sink for like 2 hours, so theres my alibi.
  • *Sob sob* Please Mr Sunsword I have never done anything wrong. I'm just a poor little Keen that got dragged into this whole mess in the first place. My friend Elayne Bricks just suggested for me to visit him again, but as soon as I stepped inside all I saw was people screaming and running away and then I was taken into custody. Please believe me I don't know anything about whatever happened there. *starts crying*
  • Sir Galen Sunsword, I did not do it. The voices in the sky said I naturaled oned and so thats the reason why the bomb went off prematurly killing ten of your elven guards... Why was I handling a bomb? Well obviously because I was gonna start mining a "mountain" for some "gems". Ya know, normal Kobold things and what not. (P.S. the gems are gold and the mountain is the vault door)
  • wasn't me
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