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Its been more than 24 hours and my friend still cant post

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Ive gotten my friend into Urealms recently and want them to check out the Roleplay Forums, but its been about 5 days and he still cant post, His username is Tombir weve tried running the forums on Firefox and Chrome and still nothing, even left him logged in overnight
Thanks in Advance whomever answers this


  • Well He can Post on discusions from General discussions to L.F.P. but nothing past that, its strange im wondering if there is something we can do to allow him to post on every part
    (in case it wasnt clear he still cant post on OOC
  • Yes. New accounts cannot post. This was because earlier on we had to deal with a lot of trolls and a lot of spam. As far as I can tell, this isn't the case anymore with his account.
  • Ive finally gotten to a hotel with internet 5 months after hurricane Michael, and after losing access to this account on my phone and trying to make another to access the help desk. and after months...I still could not.@Rein
  • I have no idea what you guys are talking about. Are you Tombir? Again both Tombir and MulligansWizard account have full forum access so this must be something on your end. You need to send screenshots or something to give me a clue to your problems here.
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