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Could Malestorm become one of us?

Robs latest behind the scenes mentioned something interesting, that if someone ascends they can reach the highest tier of divinity...and is that not us? Are we not the highest in the realm? If this is true, it means Malestorm can become an old god. Now I'll admit I don't think it particularly likely but I think it is an interesting idea


  • @Mortem
    only problem with that is that he never can become one of us because we’re real and he’s not
  • @Murlin22
    Yeah, the reason I said not very likely 
  • @Mortem
    i mean unless a fan names a new born child Maelstrom ( which is an awesome name ) 
  • @Murlin22
    Heheh, true, beyond that I do think maybe it be possible storywise, like Malestorm starts posting here and such
  • Well, we as Old Gods have never been referred to as "Divine". We're an existence outside of URealms that can affect it, and the highest in Divine ranking we know of in URealms is currently Kallisto. So, someone ascending to the highest tier is them turning into a Sun Dragon.
  • @UnluckyBimi
    Quote from divine decision
    "You wield a power that must be shared with fellow divine"
    We are divine 
  • Only if Rob and his future wife (Maybe Meganzoor?) name their kid Maelstrom. :peace: 

    Otherwise no.
  • maelstrom is in the urealms world we are in the real world you cannot bring non existent things into the real world
  • @Revoltman ;
    I know, I know it but it was just a thought
  • I thought that fans that were born after the show are called New Gods? Well, to be fair it was probably an old old joke that Rob made in a character creation or behind the scenes.
  • if you renamed yourself maelstrom, then theoretically yes. then all you need to do is sit under a tree for a while and reach the next level of divinity
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