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Is Virendra dead or is she the dragon in the den of devil?

OK. I'm new to the forms and I have done much looking so if someone has said this already, or this is commonly knowledge if so my bad sorry to waste your time. Also I do see how this can fall flat base on rawb saying that Virendra dead and the multiple time Vlaurunga is said to be the dragon in the den of devils, so please don't mad at me it just a idea Am human being too(also my grammar is a little poor sorry). My first point is the den of devils was just under two years ago and the idea of people becoming dragon was maybe not even a thought in rawbs mind yet, and things have been ret con in the past (looking at you the many Gobos of Pat) so this idea is at the very least be plausible. Second point Susurflame is used to kill Virendra but there is no dragon bones any sign a dragon has died in that spot when Susurflame is found. Now this could be explained away by we just didn't know why the sword was there so we didn't know there needed to be a corpse there, But I think is would be more interesting that she alive, and Bruce dies thinking about how he killed his wife when he didn't. Third point we are told she died, but we don't see Virendra die. We see her fade away not her dying. Now speculation time (remember I am a human being I can be wrong and this a idea. please be nice). I think she goes into human form and disperse out of sight making seem like she dead. I think this was done on purpose, and I believe rawb is try to throw us off the case by saying she dead repeatedly and telling us the story of the bow from dvz comic. I think because he say it not lore because no one has said it in ureamls. But in saying this it is a little far fetch and trying to predict a improve show and rawbs action is a bad idea. So tell me what you think. I love to hear people who look more into the lore than I do. Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

p.s. : If i offend you in anyway I didn't mean to I just got cool idea and wanted to share with yall.  :)    


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    Rob planned out the major events of nearly all the campaigns we’re on now during or maybe even before season 1 so there should be no thinking that Rob is just writing these shows as he goes. The point about Virendra is questionable but ultimately quite a few people on the forums also think Virendra may have survived ( some even said she was Quintara Lotus, which in my opinion is an insane jump because Quintara Lotus is one of the children of Kallisto and Phanto she never ascended she just was ) however we have never seen a divine be killed, for all we know when you kill a divine the do indeed disappear into dust or a cloud like we saw in the animation, unless we see her again it’s safe to assume she’s dead.
  • The dragon in den of devils isn't a dragon tho, just a whelpling, a direct offspring from one of the Dragon Aspects.
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    IIRC the den of devils was just one of the places Vlaurunga would have her Whelplings hatch. I believe the followers of Vlaurunga hunt her whelplings as a test of devotion, so it could have just been on older Whelpling in the background, rather than Virendra 
  • that makes sense because looking back on it I can't seem to find any evident that points the dragon is Vlaurunga, but on the other hand that still leave how Susurflame got there. So i guess what this rides on is what happens when divine die.
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