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Obscure DvZ Lore from past DvZ Vods

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Hello! A while back (like a year or 2) I got it in my head I was gonna watch all the DvZ Vods and collect obscure lore and record it. Managed to get thru 2 full vods before getting distracted and forgetting the project. With the server coming to an end soon I felt inspired to find my old notebook and share my findings. This one is from "The Dude the Dwarves Need," if ya'll want to see what I collected from the other Vod let me know and I can make another post about it.

*1:44 DvZ is 45% lag free.
*2:44 and 11:52 Excaliju and Virandra were found on an archeological adventure (he had to be pulling Pause's leg : p )
*4:28 Giant beams of light are code for PauseUnpause's blacksmith's house
*7:07 Dwarves are half as smart as dogs
*7:32 If you go up to Pause and put a block in his house you'll get a special sword that one-shots zombies
*7:47 The fact at 7:32 is not true, you will only get banned off the server
*10:16 Smoothstone is as weak as cobblestone; it's an unrefined stone
*21:04 Sniktaw_Noraa is one of Old Man Willaker's Knights
*21:13 Vexyl is one of Old Man Willaker's worse Knights
*21:37 Old Man Willakers is crazy
*22:36 Pause wants the old man to starve to death!!
*24:39 Mother earth bakes the Dwarven cakes
*25:13 Old Man doesn't like rain
*27:56 Pause wants to be hit by the old man's willy
Part 2:

*7:44 Old Man Willakers is related to Virandra (aayy, there's some of the truth!)
*10:05 Old Man has the power of the wind (in Virandra)
*12:05 Virandra is the "Bow of the Wind"
*44:45 When Bruce is alive, he uses white magic, when he is dead he uses black magic
*48:45 Bruce has a walker that lets him move faster
And there we go, a few facts we actually knew, but hopefully you learned a few things from this!


  • *10:05 Old Man has the power of the wind (in Virandra)
    *12:05 Virandra is the "Bow of the Wind"

    Wind Magic Confirmed!

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