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Did you see the new veteran card yet?

Here is what I'm talking about.

If I had to gander a guess this is our first hint on the new anytime system for season 4. Stumbled across it when looking at some old character sheets for a campaign I was rewatching. Any thoughts?


  • Rob changed it to this a few months ago. If I had to guess Veteran in S4 now gives you a base 3 Anytimes, bumping you up from the base 1. Things like armors and shields will also increase your amount of anytimes.
  • One of the first cards showing off the possibilities for S4 Anytimes was the Grand Poncho (does not show anymore, but you can tell it was there at one point). It gave you 5 Anytimes, likely because Bandito is a class focused exclusively on Limited Abilities.

    If I remember correctly the Anytime maximum was going to be 6, preventing stacking up on them with all sorts of passives and armor, and getting those cards would give you additional Anytimes while setting it to a certain amount. We can assume Veteran giving 3 Anytimes is very good for the price, whereas most Armor, Shield, or Passive cards will give 1 and rarely 2.

    Limiteds are also used as Anytimes now, right? If so, that'll serve to dramatically shorten combat next season, since you can no longer stack up on Limiteds like before (Justin did this when he was a Bandito) and end up with 10 Limiteds and 3 Anytimes so no one can hit you. That'll make things much easier for the player and GM to keep track of.
  • Balance will change a bit. Although right now I think the biggest problem is death rolls. There're too may death rolls to counter having large health pools, but they're weak. I liked the old ramping system.
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    Other than Veteran and Grand poncho, most of the Spells/abilities that you used to be able to save your regular action, to use at anytime, has been changed

    Meaning you now need to use an anytime action to cast spells like prickledance and magicshell, and even enragefate

    The only cards that used to use this mechanic that hasn't been changed are divineintervention and parry

    Just an fyi :peace: 

    Edit: These changes have been found about a week ago or so
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