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  • Hello friends! I am QuannTann though I go by Quann. I am a huge fan of URealms, and I've watched most of the series thus far, besides Band of thieves as I just didn't have the time!

    I am also an avid roleplayer as i've partook in many online roleplay forums as well as I have both ran as a DM for D&D 5th Edition, as well as a player! So in turn, I am looking quite forward to what is too come out of URealms on tabletop, as I and many of my friends would love to jump in with some characters and enjoy the roleplay ride! As well as from what i've seen around on the forums so is everybody else, the positivity here is absolutely enthralling!

    As well, may you all have a good day!   :)
  • I'm Thanper, sup yall.
  • G'day, I'm GormoggWhale. My introduction to Rob was through the Jimmy WoW story for the Blizzard competition. My favourite content thus far has been UR (both), 2Player, the unforgotten podquest and the PML.
  • Hello, I am "Magic" and a fan of DvZ and URealms but i mostly watch on YouTube. This season I hope to make it to more live shows because I could not last two seasons, and I really want to see one live for once.
  • Hello, I've been around since the first time rob made a video with pause on dvz, but I've mostly been a lurker :hmm: 

    I've always loved everything rob did, but urealms is by far my favorite series ever :wow: Ever since those last few character creation videos that I've been literally dreaming about this almost every night :smileneena:

    Now, for a bit more personal info, I'm 25, and I'm a male-to-female transgender. I don't like to talk about it though, so please don't bring that up when talking to me. You can call me Sarah. :peace: 

    I don't have a job right now, and I've been looking for the longest time... Here and there I go to some government-offered classes that help me and pay a bit, but it's nowhere near enough to live on my own. Still living with my parents until I can afford not to.

    That's all I can think to say, I spend most of my days on youtube and playing games here and there when I'm not looking for a job.
  • Hello, I am TheEtanMan. Big fan of Rawb and all the Buffalo Wizards. Love em all. Especially you Justin!
  • Hi my name is Gavan , but you call call me Gav if you want. I like dvz , games , an having a fun time!
  • Good day! The name's Photon and well... I uh... I just randomly hang in places. Talk here and there. Like to be around people, such things
  • Wait, there :3 are emotions? 
  • Hey Guys! Im Padack, and I'm also a duck. Been here since Season 1, and boy am I excited for this forum!
  • Hi I'm Lutch, never was on the old forums but plan to be active here. I love robs content and have been watching since Rob did  DvZ with pause and Etho. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and watching season 3.
  • Hi, I'm Thropian. I was on the old forums, wasn't hugely active through most of the forums, and will probably stick to the off topics and forum role plays as I did last time.
  • Howdy folks, My name is DamnItDaBears but you can call me DaBears or Fritz. (aka Fritz_haza_Spork on the LoM server) I've been a fan of Rawb's content since the 1st iterations of DvZ.
    I look forward to being a GM and Player in so fan Campeigns :smilebold:
  • Hello there, I wanted to be ScarletSquid but my email refuses to accept messages from this site, so I had to reregister on my alt email with the flipped name. 

    I've been watching urealms since Rawb had the old version of this site and found the urealms campaigns years later on Youtube. I'm glad it's back and better than ever. 
  • Hey, I'm Ilwen.

    I like the video games and the URealms. It's all good stuff!

    I didn't do any talking in this community before, but it looks like it'll be fun to do now.

  • Hey there, I dont really have much to say because I don't do much other than write sexy fan fics between Roamin and Deadbones. I go by Shane though, and thats all good.
  • @DeadBones I'm in love with you
  • Hi, I'm Robert but online I normally go by Tanack.  Been watching Rob for years but haven't been able to catch a live show yet, hoping this year changes that. Normally a Lurker but gonna try to be more active on this forum!
  • Hi I'm NinjothXD, I've loved everything Rawb has made sense DVZ.
  • Heyo, I'm FluffyPanda. Been watching since Tuna Bandits (so what, a few years?) Been a while since I've been on any forum so hope this will be fun!
  • I'm Jankoe and I'll end up being a lurker and maybe doing a few games
  • Greetings adventurers! I'm Burd Dickens, and I am in no way a burden or a dick. I do however like to live life on the edge as you might have already guessed.
  • Bonjour, I am Honeywasp, but I go by Luke because Honeywasp is stupid to say. I found rawb's work when he did the original Urealms, but I never really followed him until he did the DvZ training videos. I love Urealms Live and have watched (almost) every show live and I'm excited to play it with some other fans <3.
    Also I'm male which I have to say because my friend used my name and conversation to catfish and it worked too well. 

  • Yoyo! I am Nate, used to go as L1nkFTW.  Started watching towards the end of the original Unforgotten Realms and mostly lurked around following Rawb's creative adventures.
  • Some of you guys may have known me as coolpool2 from the old Urealms forum days. I've been following Rob's content for a long time now. I'm excited to see how this new forum community will grow and change, as well as to see what other oldies stuck around.
  • Heya I'm Celica. Been a big fan since way back in the newgrounds days and have followed urealms as a whole since then, but I've always just lurked around.

    I always miss the live shows too  :(
  • Hey guys! I'm the morally questionable Doctor Diabolical Evl. Been watching Rob's material since his old Unforgotten Realms, enjoying Sir Schmoppy of Awesometon. I watched a ton of DvZ and  so much of his content. But my favorite of his creations is URealms Live. Honestly, I have no damn idea why I haven't joined his forums. But anyway, I can't promise I won't experiment on you but love ya'll.  :)
  • Greetings all! Started following just before Season 1 ended and still love it.
  • Hey all I'm Aikawa I was on the old forums where I stuck to the Off topics and roleplaying sections and made a few of my own rps. I'll probably just do the same on these as well. Anyway its a pleasure

  • Hiya! I'm Taey Rurj here, but in other places I go by Grace! I'm so excited to see where S3 goes, and I've been around since a little before S10! DvZ originally brought me in.
    Many rolls, fellow campaigners!
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