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  • Hello, my name is ddarkus. A adventurer looking and perhaps gm on occasion.  
  • Hi, I'm Vongeo. I hope to submit some fan campaign ideas and hopefully dm then.
  • HI, I'm AStar_. I found URealms and Rob through the UHC season he did with mindcrack.
  • I am someone you probably wont see post a lot on the forums 
    nevertheless I will see you all in chat during season 3
  • Hello all. I'm new to these forums, but I'll be going by "Arkanite". If you ask why, the name is a derivative of a character I used to write about years and years ago. The character has long since fallen off my metaphorical turnip truck, but the name still has sentimental value to me.

    I got introduced to Rob's content via the old-style DvZ; build-your-own keep, the friendship song, Pause & Etho, etc. Then when he started putting out URealms Live videos, I was hesitant to try them out. Long videos in large batches don't always work for me. But I actually started watching when Episode 0 of The Many Gobos of Pat came out. Since then, I've been fairly hooked, and Rob's videos tend to be the ones I look forward to the most.
  • Heya!

    I am Wendsel, I have been following Rob since he did his WOW Videos way back yonder.

    I am 29 and I work in ecommerce type of stuff.

  • Hey! :smilebold: 
    I'm choninja21 but The Ninja or just ninja is fine.

    I've been watching URealms since the Porc Hunters campaign. I usually DM but being a player works for me too! I hope to see all of you around!

    *smoke bomb*

  • I'm Aidobmac I enjoy all of this stuff great work everyone!
  • Greetings, on here I'll go by SugarSmear, on twitch I go by Mudkipinajar, and on Reddit I go by FrighteningWorld. Not something I expect you to keep track of. I'm 24 years old and  during the second season I made a couple of fanart pieces.
    This one here of Micheal Langstrom
    This one here of Karl Landers  
    And one of Denzik.

    I've been watching Urealms live since the beginning, and I've watched Rob's stuff since he did Dwarves vs Zombies with Etho years ago. However, my first encounter with his stuff was the Magikarp Splash attack flash animation on Newgrounds.

    Whenever a URealms stream is about to happen I Normally treat myself with some beef jerky and pineapple soda. Nice to make a community with you all.
  • Aloha! I was Nightkyle back on the Reddit, although as you can see, I have become a Ribbon~ I've been following Rob since the Roleplay series, and have stuck around for a while since. People may recognise me from DvZ (I used to play it since Bruces Gym), or the Dwarven District, and uhh, what else. Oh, right, and memes. Memes all the way...

    Am I popular now?

  • I'm Reble (Also Rebel) new to the forums but been around since the days back at Bruce's Gym.
  • I'm Razer a mildly sarcastic and silly British person, how original.
  • I'm Deece, been following Rob for a few years, pretty sure I found him when watching Pyro play TTT
  • Yooo I'm Squidfists and I'm new to the forum life but I've been watching Urealms since the end of season 1 and I'm an avid player/gm.
  • Hi, I'm Yeldarb10. I started watching Pause back in 2012 with the old DvZ videos, and found Rob soon after. I watched and played DvZ (on knockoff servers) up to the release of [that use to be both the website AND the ip address!] I really enjoyed the nurem campaign; and I'm so happy to see this show become what it is today.
  • Heu I'm Logo, this is my first forum. os go easy on me. :smile: 

  • Hi, I'm Shadowdancerbob.  I used to be a content creator for LoM and i've been watching rob's content since he streamed weekly DVZ games that you had to win a small lottery to get into.
  • First post!

    I'm 30 years old and love URealms. 
  • Heyo, I'M PokeMastar and I typically lurk around, but trying to be more social!
  • Greetings i'm Estellise and this is my first forum post . :3
  • Hey, I'm Alec, and I've been watching Rob since 2011, and this is my first attempt at making a go to join in the community. Now that the forums are here I'm going to try to be as active as I can! 
  • Hi i'm Ozoner, I've watched Rob since some point during LOM and I started watching Urealms about when the 7th campaign came out. I maaay do fan-art type stuff but i'm not sure :)
  • Hello I'm Cicero
  • I'm Javo and I've been watching Rob for a while, ever since the days of DVZ on PMC. I played on LOM and it is actually the hot air ballon from my plot that popa willy took all around the city.
  • edited July 2017
    Hi im Wauf(?) I started playing MC in 2013 and discovered/gained interest in robs work. I usually lurk but hope to interact with y'all since we all share at least one similiar interest! :^)
  • Hey, I'm Mano. Imma lurk these forums like a mouse  ~_~
  • hi im purehidro either the first part or last part of my name works good too  :)
  • Hello I'm Mjjollnir yes its the name of thor's hammer with an extra j and l however I've had this name for a while like ~5-ish years and I've kept it because. I've been watching Rob for a few year now... can't recall how many, about two I think based on videos. All I really have to say is Good Job Rob and good luck.
  • Hi there, I'm Mari. I've been watching since the days of the Friendship song as well. :D
    It's been great seeing everyone grow since then, and it's going to be amazing to see what's in store for the future.
  • Hullo, my name is TinyBomby, also known as Tiny or Tilny, and I've been watching since Gobos of Pat, my first campaign. I've watched all the campaigns by now though. I uhh... really like small or tiny things for no particular reason... you don't need to know why I'm just used to things being small...
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