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  • Hey I'm Giga_Bot and I used to play LOM and Dvz now I lurk in random places.
  • Hey everyone, I'm Isoarcree, been a long time lurker but planning on being more active now.
  • Heya i'm Sharsho a long time fan and I finally have money to toss at this show :heart: 
  • Hey I'm spidereye, but you guys can just call me Logan. I'll be lurking around and may occasionally post. Also the c button on my keyboard doesn't work so I had to look up the alphabet and copy the c.
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  • Hello everyone. I'm John, always up for a game if anyone has any free slots. Been watching Rawb since 2006. Hope for the best for S3
  • EDIT: Oh wow, that was way longer than I intended.

    Hi! I'm Rob! No... no, not that one... Screw it, just call me CP or Metis.

    I stumbled across the old Urealms cartoon early but didn't follow, and rediscovered Rawb during one of the first DvZ games he did with Etho. I've been mostly a lurker ever since. The one exception to that was...

    During Lords of Minecraft. A friend and I moved quickly to make a claim on the server. He's got money, unlike me, but we wanted to share a property. After considering Southshire, we took a plot in Cloud Kingdom (straight out of portal on Mainstreet, end of street on the right side corner plot). We spent hours working on building a decent building, and even got compliments by the building inspectors!

    I got seriously involved in the CK (more than my friend, at least). I made our skins for the Olympics, made our anthem (AKA edited down a good song and added lyrics), and got involved with the council. (I even made a restaurant, Danky's Big Boy, in MQ). But I had a house fire in the spring that took my PC with it, and I wasn't able to get back on for months. By the time I did, they had destroyed our home (It had been purchased, not rented, and they removed purchased plots while we were gone). With my home gone and no hope of rebuilding, I just kinda lost faith in the server and stopped. I even gave up learning CSS, as I had only been doing it to prep a revamp of the subreddit. And once the Cloud went down, I couldn't stand coming back.

    Since then, I've been all URealms fan. (I'm the guy who made the GobosOfPatLoverCass132 account, btw). I'm currently prepping my own mini-expansion I've been working on for a while, based on my LoM lore!
  • Hey! I'm Spicelorde, I've been watching Rob since early DvZ days! I'm super into DnD and I've been enjoying Dm-ing a lot! I'm currently running CoS for a group of friends and having a blast! I'd love to Dm a game or join one at some point :)
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    'sup you hcjSpicy boys, I'm ImagineBaggins! I've been watching Rob since the since the Pokemon/original DvZ days and have loved it since. I'm a Chemical Engineering major, but I'm also into the outdoors, classical music, fountain pens, and obviously gaming. I also hang around that boy HCJustin's stream when I can.

    I probably won't post around here too much, but I figured I'd say hi at the very least. Hit me up if you ever wanna talk about something! Can't wait for S3! :)
  • I'm Absynth. I probably won't post often or ever.
  • I'm Nox, I've been following Rawb on and off since Newgrounds. I use the noxumbre name everywhere, I have been working on doing some fan campaigns mostly with the Urealms-hell discord but I'd love to hang with other fans too.
  • I'm od_, short for odnewl. I love watching campaigns and I can't wait for the mod to be released so that I can play urealms myself.
  • I'm treybc! I started watching Rob with my brother when he was making the urealms cartoon and stayed on ever since. A couple months ago I started DMing a game of DnD with my friends, but we always get really bogged down in the rules. I'm really looking forward playing some urealms now that there's so much support!
  • Hi! I'm NroPynop, most people call me Nro. I like to hang out on LoM and watch Urealms. Say hi to me if you see me I love to wave!
  • Hi! I'm Arnold, and no not from the TV shows or movies.
  • Hello everyone, I'm Critter! I've never really interacted with the community much, but I'm hoping to change that :) Here's to new friendships!
  • Yo, I am Xaion, i do art stuff from time to time and i watch urealms a lot. i need to start drawing some fanart for this soon!
  • Heyo. I've been known as ThePromisedLAN and Shovel around the LoM and DvZ community for a good three years, now. I'm not generally one for the ol' message boards like this, but hey, it's a chance to get back into the community.
  • Howdy howdy howdy! I'm Goosecorps, I pretty much lurked on Reddit but I've been following Rob for upwards of 6 years now.  He's cool.  Nice to meet you!
  • Hi I'm Taurus/TV. Been watching URealms since it began, been following Rob for quite a few years now. Presently trying to figure out the best method to acquire a blue crayon.
  • Hi! I'm Sagequake. I've been a fan of Rob since Bruce's Gym and his collabs with Pause.
  • Hi I'm Nara, I'm a stubborn dwarf girl who you may have met in the Magic Quarter on LoM or throwing TNT at you in DvZ. You can often find me in Coe or Justin's streams.
    I found the Buffalo Wizards through Coe and the rest of Mindcrack.

    Irl I work as a librarians assistant and get into arguments on twitter.
  • Hey I'm Muffin! I've been doing fan art of the Buffalo Wizards and Urealms for the last couple years. I first found this community from watching Rob and Deadbones host PML and I've been hanging around ever since. 
    Love seeing the community so active here and cant wait for more Urealms!
  • Hey! I'm Azure. I've been a fan of Rob since the Mindcrack days. I've been kinda a quieter fan for a while now but I think now is the time to get more active with y'all. Nice to meetcha.
  • Hi there! I'm Kizzy. I've just been quietly enjoying URealms content for the last year or so. I'm a writer who likes dogs and cooking. I'm super excited for these forums and the upcoming season!
  • Hello, i am Tyoekk. i used to play dark age of cam. and still play more then my fair share of World of Warcraft. i like long walks on the beach. have been watching Rawb and Deadbones for longer then i remember. i hope to meet you all one day have hope you all have a fantastic day <3 
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    Hello, you probably wont see me post to much around here, pretty much a shadow. but i am here.
    I'm taod and have been a fan of robs since Rob's video Sandstorm the dragon (DVZ).
  • Hi everyone! I go by JukeInTheBox, but my username was TheColossalX over on the subreddit. I've been a fan of Rob's since I saw a DvZ video with him and Pause back in 2012. I currently run campaigns in my own separate universe that uses some Urealms lore mixed in with a whole ton of custom stuff. I am currently working on making an expansion pack for Urealms. Like @tyoekk ;
    said, I hope everyone has a fantastic day!
  • Hey Jimmies, i'm Val. I'm a big videogame and d&d/roleplay fan, on the higher side of my 20's. Just looking forward to meeting more people on here to play talk to, play games with, whatever  :)
  • I'm Alex!

    i'm a currently unemployed former graphic designer and charity social media worker! I also do lewd things on the internet. But mostly I just shitpost.
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