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DVZ Nostalgia Trip

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Anyone else been struck with the hardcore DvZ nostalgia recently? For whatever reason, youtube hit me with some old videos as recommendations. Cool to see old familiar names and maps and stuff.


  • I feel it all the time. I wish they would make a real DVZ esque game
  • I feel you guys too. I'm a bit busy to play it and it's going away this year which truly sucks and why I think there's a bit of it hitting people again.
  • I'll miss DVZ, it was the first game that I really loved.
  • I've been going through all of Robs old DvZ videos just reliving it all. This is one of the few games I'm truly passionate about. Hell i still remember playing on the gym like it was yesterday.  BYoK, Mt Willy, Daragor, Dogekac, The Bellows, Oasis, Molgan (Others i don't remember off the top of my head.), When i watch Robs old videos i start to remember how to defend all those keeps and the best way to take them down. Not only that, but i start to remember the layouts of the keeps (other than mount willy's crating rooms, still can't remember XD) The Bellows had three walls, One in front of the main keep, one near the Ice Tree and the last one was the quarry wall. I always traveled to the quarry wall to quickly break into the keep for lights. Those who remember Molgan will know of the giant fireplace before the shrine. The keep interior was hard to defend as rather than a horizontal map it was the first real vertical map. Fighting up staircases sucked XD. Dogekac was always amazing for dwarves. The first room before the staircase was completely bedrock with one way in and out. PROC city that one was. Daragor was a pretty decent map, especially while hiding in Deadlantis. Oasis was eh, really i loved the look of the map but it was kinda hard at the end for monsters. The first hero i ever played was pause on the gym. Died within 20 minutes XD

    I think one of the things I've missed with the last version of Dwarves vs Zombies is no one really repaired the walls. They kinda all just fought and didn't fix anything. When me and like 2 Jimmies started to repair the walls, the game lasted 6 to 9 Min longer. I also think one of things i miss was the leaderboards. For me in my early dwarf days, i wanted to either be a Ranger or Gravedigger. Never did get to it (Not even close) but it was fun trying. Another thing was when i saw some notable title players, i knew this was going to be a long and fun round. I've always loved the long rounds. 1-2 hour rounds were great for me and when i played my first epic game on the buffalo wizards server, that was the best thing ever. It really felt like a last stand.

    One day i truly hope that Rob or the community begins to make it a standalone game and i will throw more dollars than i have in my wallet. This is a game that i truly would want my friends or my offspring to play one day and it not just be a story I tell. It truly is saddening when i heard the server would close down at the end of the year and it broke my heart. I'm almost spitting tears out my face typing all this. Ill never find any game like it. The spirit and heart that went into it was wonderful and i want to play it even when i'm 50 or even 100. When I fist played DvZ i was about 13 and in middle school. I'm now 18 and in college working for something to do with my life. Not having this as i go into my adult years hurts. It really does. Damn these tears are now pouring. I never thought i could cry over a game i played in minecraft. But i dont regret it at all. Im finishing off here otherwise i wont stop pouring water out of my eyes.
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