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Reunion at the Valen Manor Estpard [Closed / Retired]

Reunion at the Valen Manor - Arrival

The date stated upon the letters have come, and the Manor is prepared for the arrival of the Family and Friends who have been invited.
Many responded stating that they were going to arrive by the sea, yet a few still chose to brave the Kysinua Mountains via carriage, with each coming via their own private transportation.

The household has been preparing since the day the letters were sent, with the servants organising and cleaning to the highest standard they could muster, while the guard practised and assistants tended to the rest. Some members of the family also went out to greet some themselves, guiding them back while learning of their ventures away from home.

The guests and family now approach the luxurious manor, some with anticipation while others with a bit of a nervous twinge. Regardless, it is time for the arrival and for everyone to settle back in, with a large Reunion Banquet planned in a couple of days time.

And who knows what might happen during everyone's stay?

1. Be kind to other players, and generally don't be a dick.
2. Legendaries override any Immunities.
3. No Min-Maxing or utilising extremely powerful Combos. You are Family Members, not Superheroes. It should be reasonable for someone to be able to defeat you in a 1v1 fight without being forced to expend everything they have in one burst to do so.
4. No Meta-Gaming.
5. The GM Ruling is always right, even when incorrect. If you feel that you must argue about a point, do so in a respectable manner and via a PM to the GM. Being rude by doing this violates Rule 1.
6. Be prepared for events to not unfold precisely as you expect them to, especially if you are planning your own story. If you are planning on having your events go exactly as you plan them to be, then go write a Novel instead of forcing people to cater to your precise whims at their own expense.
7. Initial Limit is One Character per Player. This may increase later into the thread.
8. Have Fun!
Altered Mechanics:
Secret Weapon

Secret Weapon is not banned in this thread. 
However, it has been altered in a major way to work instead:

- Secret Weapon is only available to Elves, Dwelfs and Azveltarians whom are blood relatives to the Valen Family.

- Secret Weapon only takes 500 Gold to purchase, rather than 800.

- Taking Secret Weapon makes Multiclass Off-Limits for your character. 
* This also means that if you Multiclass into Buccaneer, you cannot take Secret Weapon.

- Purchasing Secret Weapon gives you a choice from one of two Legendary Companions.

- Legendary Companions that you gain via Secret Weapon have been made significantly weaker, only taking the space of a single Companion with 1 Passive and 2 Abilities. These are revealed to you once you decide which Legendary Companion you will use.

- Legendary Companions may have variances, meaning that one Gumioh may be very different to another.

Curse of Medusa

C.O.M is also allowed, However is also very significantly changed to avoid breaking the thread. If a player receives C.O.M in some way, then the changes will be explained to them via PM.

Legendaries are a thing in this thread

After every 50 pages, the Head GM will perform a single Legendary Roll for each character. 
If a player rolls for their legendary on the thread, they forfeit their Legendary Roll for that milestone, even if the roll they would have received was a 20.

These Legendaries are to be created by a GM. If you do not have much to work on, then you will end up receiving a sub-optimal Legendary because of it. You will not be informed on if you have obtained your Legendary until you receive it.

Legendaries also are not designed to be overpowering, but rather to be additions to your character to make them better, meaning a mechanically weak legendary can be good if it is strongly supported in Roleplay.
@Maris - Sheim Sahrkainian - custom card
Note: Not all NPCs have sheets visible to the players. Bear that in mind when you look through the NPCs.
More NPCs are liable to appearing as time goes on.

The six Divines who had a child with the first Valen. Their names will be revealed once mentioned by the respective Divine-Born.

Fire: ???, Divine of ???, ??? of ???

Ice: ???, Divine of ???, ??? of ???

Earth: Hermes, Divine of Agility, Father of Zoey Valen

Arcane: ???, Divine of ???, ??? of ???

Light: ???, Divine of ???, ??? of ???

Dark: ???, Divine of ???, ??? of ???
The six Divine-Born, the children of the first Valen, and the family head of their branch of the family.

Fire: 'Dragon Slayer', Son of ???, Divine of ???. Controlled by Gushy48

Ice: Vanyon Valen, ??? of ???, Divine of ???. Controlled by CJ

Earth: Zoey Valen, Daughter of Hermes, Divine of Agility. Controlled by Jj_TeRroR_jJ

Arcane: Violaser Valen, Daughter of ???, Divine of ???. Controlled by CJ

Light: Daniel Valen, Son of ???, Divine of ???. Controlled by Jj_TeRroR_jJ

Dark: Ashley Valen, Daughter of ???, Divine of ???. Controlled by Gushy48
Family Members
These are the family members outside of the Divines and Divine-Born. These NPCs either married into or were born as a Valen, and are generally recognised as such. What they do is very varied.

Faction Representatives - All are one of the children of the Divine-Born of their element, and tend to act as the representative of their elemental faction when their parent Divine-Born are unable to.

Fire - Marcus Valen

Ice - Ellie Valen

Earth - Tyler Valen

Arcane - Hector Valen

Light - Oswald Valen

Dark - Darcie Valen

Suzanna Valen - Wife to Warthorn Redbeard Valen

Molly Valen - Daughter of Warthorn Valen

Dalos Valen - Adopted Father of Dearis Valen

Jutrind Valen - Librarian. Weaker hearing, but gentle soul.

Falringer Sahrkainian - Father to Sheim

Erhardt Valen - Son of Dragonslayer, Fire Divine-Born

Himitisu Valen - Gumioh, Wife of Violaser Valen

These are special NPCs who are visitors to the Manor. They visit at their own tuition, and will usually leave after a while. Almost anyone could be a visitor at some point or another.

Nisovin - Gnomish Wizard who is almost definitely a Believer. Controlled by Gushy48 [At Manor]
These are the miscellaneous NPCs, the ones who are not Valens, nor Visitors. These will consist of the rest, be it workers, mysterious figures or pretty much anything.

Mutonidas - The Family Highbear. It is widely known not to mess with him.
Ig'Saguk - A large Ogre who helps the family. A companion of Zoey Valen.

Tyronius - The head of the Guards. Very good with discipline.
Jasmine Tisayde - The Head Servant.
Kristie - A maid who is also a little bit of a Klutz.
Dhkan - The Dvergr Blacksmith.

Iwata Azveltara - Carer of Petalia Azveltara.
Gold: 10
Stamina: 194
Elven Runemaster
@Firelie - Petalia_Azveltara
Gold: 0
Stamina: 59
Azveltarian Ranger [Funk Transformation]
Gold: 70
Stamina: 42
Azveltarian Runemaster [Blood Cobra Transformation]
Gold: 0
Stamina: 40
Elven Petalwalker
Gold: 20
Stamina: 109
Dwarven Sorcerer
Gold: 0
Stamina: 153
Elven Templar
Gold: 70
Stamina: 54
Kobold Bard
Gold: 25
Stamina: 107
Azveltarian Deathknight [Cowfrog Transformation]
Gold: 40
Stamina: 89
Elven Thane
Gold: 70
Stamina: 80
Elven Hydromancer
Gold: 40
Stamina: 86
Azveltarian Rouge [Bullogre Transformation]
Gold: 130
Stamina: 52
Elven Seeker
@Jj_TeRroR_jJMorax_Valen (Hey look dat me)
Gold: 0
Stamina: 71
Azveltarian Berserker [Groundbold Transformation]
GMs and Assistant GMs.
Leading GM: @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ;;

Assistant GMs: @Gushy48@cj_the_magic_man. ;;

Also, some credit goes to Simona, whom made the Elf Politics Thread, and helped to inspire the making of this thread to begin with.
To make a character to join this thread, go to the Character Creation thread HERE


  • So we should approach?
  • @Firelie

    That'd be a good idea.
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ;
    alright, lets arrive then. Mountains
  • @Firelie
    Alright. Describe how you approach the Manor then.

    You would have crossed the mountains by this point already.
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ;
    She approaches the doo
  • @Firelie
    So descriptive
    You approach the gate, and get stopped by Guards.
    "Who approaches?"
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ;
    she shows them the invites “we are guests”
  • @Firelie
    He looks at it, before ordering the guards to move
    "You may enter. Servants will take you to your room.
    I'm sorry to have to do this, but I have to go, need to sleep since i'm up and out the door in less than 6 hours from now.
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ;
    she lets them do that
  • @Firelie
    They quietly take you, Iwata and your things to your rooms quietly.

    They are fairly nice rooms with a big bed and plenty of storage for your things.
    Iwata has a room next to yours.
  • The ship that Dearis and her father are on quickly pulled into port of the great manor. With a sigh she nodded to herself, she would be okay here, she was with family here, she kept muttering to herself.

    Holding on tight to her book of simple spells she walked off the ship and down the pier, not really looking where's she was going as her mind tried to settle down 
  • @Mortem
    As she walks down the Pier with your adopted father, Dalos Valen, a well-armored Porc walks up to you, carrying a clipboard
    "What are your names?"
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ;
    Dearis stayed quiet hoping her father will answer for her, she looked at him to show she was waiting for him to say something 
  • @Mortem
    "Dalos Valen, and my daughter Dearis."
    He says for you, noting that you didn't want to speak.

    "Ah, welcome home Dalos. Your room is just as you requested, and Dearis has her room ready too."
    He says with a slight smile.
  • She smiled thankfully at her father before nodding to the guard "Y-Yes, thank you" she answered back. She hoped her room was close to father...
  • @Mortem
    "Alright, now if you'd like to follow the servants over there, they will take you to your room..."
  • She nodded and quickly started to follow then, knowing that she will soon be separate from her father again...she of course was uneasy about this
  • On the way, he places a hand on her shoulder.
    "It will be okay... I'm just going to be next door to you..."
  • She smiled and nodded "Of course father, a-and I promise to keep practising!" She told him, holding the book closer
  • @Mortem
    "That's good... i'm proud of you, you know?"
    He says as they turn into one of the many corridors of the manor.
  • So can I enter stage left?
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ;
    She smiled and nodded, despite her insides twisting, why would he be proud of her? She struggled with the most basic spells that don't involve....that 
  • @Mortem
    They soon stop in front of two doors, one on either side of the Corridor.
    "Here is your room Dalos, and Dearis has the room directly across from you."
    The servant says.
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ;
    petalia yawns and takes offber cloak now that shes in a private area
  • @Firelie
    Okay. You do that.

    On a table rests a bottle of some sort of drink, and a small note.
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ *As the family rides over the mountain and gets close like, a half an hour away from the manor, Warthorn needs to ask. Suzanna something* "Say Honey, you've never really told me about your family as a whole all that much, what should I be expecting, better not be a bunch a' prudes, else all the alcohol will be for us
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ;
    she walks over to the table and picks up the note to read it
  • @Firelie
    It is a short letter.

    "Thank you for coming Petalia. Take this sparkling Cidar at a welcoming gift, and be sure to join everyone at the Banquet which will be held later today."

    "Oh, my family? It's... a varied lot, it's hard to find an occupation which doesn't have a Valen involved somehow..."
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ "Heh well your name's got my inn" *he chuckles* "By the way, who should Introduce us at the gate, something to deliberate"
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