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The Adventures Of Murlin’s world

In this thread I will briefly recount the the events of threads I run over on the Urealms United discord server.


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    Campaign 1 - Lost Explorers

    Kenneth Opham, Joll Bol, Targo Opham and Mary Bol went missing during their adventure into the depths of an unnamed beenu ruin, 4 adventures were sent to find out what happened to them. The four were Wifflo Flousel, a Dwelf Wizard seeking justice, Kiaba Plae a Keen Cardmaster who uses potions, Pelementrix a Seeker who specialises in casting spell through their allies. And Olay Oxhorn a magician who is not to be trusted.

    the set up camp near the entrance to the vault. The Jimmy who was sent with them went off ahead and was later found headless further along the path. the party heared a rustling in the trees and shot spells into the forest. 20 goblins fell dead out of the trees, an elven cultist who had summoned the goblins attempted to flee but was killed by the part before they could.

    the party headed inside and found the skeleton of Kenneth on the ground, they tried to cast a few spells on the body but every single one backfired except for finallight which gave Olay a vision of a large purple eye. 

    They moves into into the next chamber and were greeted by 6 hostile cultists who attacked them when they got close. 2 of them surrendered when 3 of the cultists were killed and one was knocked unconscious, they attempted to interrogate the 2 concious cultists But they refused to speak about who there boss was, after a little torture one of them started begging them to just leave, to run away but was then silenced by an unknown force, the second on Did the same with the same result. The party moved on except for Pelementrix who cut one of the cultists fingers open and told him to write who their boss was in his own blood, the cultists got as far as writing a large X before he spontaneously exploded into a puff of arcane energy. The previously unconscious cultist got up and helped his friend to escape out of the room back to the entrance, Pelementrix tried to follow but for her way blocked by a big arcane wall that for a split second resembled a dragon scale.

    the group got back together and Pele told them what had happened and remarked “don’t write X’s on the ground” 

    they moved further into the ruin and found the skeleton of Joll Bol in the exact state they found the last skeleton in, magic backfired when used against it but once again finallight gave Olay a vison, this time of a Magical Purple Card flying at him, he was jolted out of the vision and felt an immense amount of physical pain. When the group asked him what was wrong he turned and ran back the way they came.

    the party moved on and came to a bridge with 4 strange elf-like creatures with black skin and bat-like wing sprouting from their heads. they grinned at the party and gesturing to a skeleton next to them. The party engaged in combat casting spell after spell at the creatures. The arcane spells they cast appeared ineffective but with a powerful wave of light beams, flares and an assortment magical cards that carved them up. of them was knocked unconscious and another was killed. One of the creatures then retaliated casting a bolt of arcane energy right into Pelementrix’s chest instantly killing her, the party wavered nlw down to just two of them they considered retreating, until one of the creatures raised a hand and resurrected both his fallen ally and Pelementrix. They then wished the party luck further ahead with their master and telported away. 

    The party became very uneasy and spent a quarter of an hour decideinf whether to proceed or to run. They decided to proceed and they crossed the bridge and saw around 20 thunder spirits spread around them, the didn’t seem to care about the parties presence, Pelementrix looked over the edge of the bridge into the void, and the void opened its eye and looked back at her and then receded. The party then went to move further into the tunnel after dragging Pelementrix away from the edge. As they did so the spirits attack them forming 1 massive spirit, the party immediately attacked it, Kiaba who had been throwing enchanted cards at his foes all the time they had been in here dealt a crippling blow to the creature but it reformed again and was then soon finished off by a joint effort between the party. 

    They ventured to the deepest part of the ruin and found a massive dragon skeleton on the middle of a now set lava lake, the party immediately started running the back out of the ruins, afraid of whoever did this to the massive beast. However they were stopped by a figure materialising infront of them. A tall Black skinned Elf with Purple hair, and purple eyes 2 of the party recognised him as the divine Xeros.

    Xeros congratulated them on doing so well against his childeren the Feinds and offered them something each.

    A man who’s name and existence seems forgotten insulted Xeros and with a click of his fingers Xeros erased all trace of him ever.

    Wifflo asked to see true justice and was teleported to the shrine of Ouro'ras, Pelementrix asked to learn a powerful spell as was taught Siggneoss and Kiaba asked to join Xeros, he was then transformed into a fiend and given power Beynon that of most mortals. 

    And thus ends the story. The fates of the 4 explorers were later revealed as having being turned Into the 4 Fiends the party fought to cross the bridge. What are Xeros’ plans? How will this new Feind act? Who knows. Farewell and thank you for reading.
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     Campaign 2 - the Yalge outpost

    The story follows 2 guards and a mercenary defending the Yalge outpost from a series of growing threats.

    Gregory “fastest hand” McGee was a champion spell slinger and won a few competitions put on by the Lotus family and once recicived the pleasure of laying with Quintara Lotus herself, unfortunately Quintara mocked his size and left him insecure.

    Dustin the time witch who is said to be able to speed up time to get through long boring lectures acccompnied by his arcane spirit.

    Finally Iz Ditsy the mercenary Porc sorcerer, she is known for her quick thinking on the battlefield and her entorage of cup holders and her believer companion Daniel Bradford an Elven sorcerer.

    They were all drinking in a bar with the other men guards when the alcohol one of the cup holders was holding spontaneously combusted and set the bar on fire, the Commander of the outpost Kazuki, a large mute who commmunicated through hand-boning extinguished the fire and sent Iz to bury the dead cup holder. She went outside and buried him but before they could re-enter they were swarmed by believer goblins, Iz could have been In trouble if Gregory didn’t secretly follow and watch her from the walls, he leaped off the wall over the army of goblins and fired shot after shot killing each and every one of them. 

    A few days later a letter came from Lyn Azveltara telling the outpost ( which was in her territory ) that she was coming to inspect it, a believer version of Lyn and 3 believer assassins walked into the camp and were about to attempt to kill Kazuki whilst he was distracted but Daniel Bradford being a believer himself sensed that Lyn was not who she claimed to be and told the group to attack the fakes. They did and managed to destroy the believers before they could do any serious damage. 

    A couple of weeks later and there was a retirement party for Kazuki and Captain Sheldon ( a minor character who I don’t need to talk about ) 
    the party went well until the time witch Dustin sensed an abomination against nature heading towards the camp. 
    The men ran to the battlements and were met with the sight of a giant mound of flesh, blood and bones. Daniel once again informed the group that it was a believer and Dustin and Iz cli,b back into the fort and started trying to summon their own believer to put into a book to fight the monster. 
    Gregory however was not afraid of this beast, he drew his hand cannon which he had been given as a gift for saving Kazuki and unloaded magical bullet into magical bullet into the creature eventually killing the creature with a forbidden spell.

    the day was won but Iz and Dustin still decided to summon a believer. A Porc and member of the Mana Arc Xeros Garon Mason ( pre Divine state ) entered through the portal and after some talking with Kazuki who regarded him as an old friend they had Dustin and Gregory fight in single combat to decide who would be the new commander now Kazuki had retired, Gregory won but he wished that they be joint commanders, Kazuki agreed and Xeros, Kazuki and a forgettable elf named Mary left for the Lotus Capital. 

    Was the Yalge outpost safe for ever more? Did they joint commanders do well? Who knows, maybe one day we will return to see. Farewell and thank you for reading.

  • Campaign 3 - To the Capital
    Due to technical difficulties i am unable to give the names of the player characters involved in this campaign and as such i will outline the events that happened not what the characters did.

    1. Samuel Kurtith and his squire were saved from a vicious pack of wolves that had ravished their men and camp
    2. the Grand Paladin Virgo Sunsword was poisoned whilst capturing the criminal Tulsa Riverwalker, leaving the grand paladin spot open
    3. Mary Moore daughter of the head of the Moore family was murdered
    4. Golestandt killed the head of the Mcgee family for Murdering Mary Moore leaving Alvudrin Mcgee as the head of the family.
    5. Tulsa Riverwalker who had been successfully captured escaped whilst Gwenyth and Galen grieved their father's passing.

    Farewell and thank you for reading.

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    Campaign 4 - The Grand Paladin’s Trial/Pandora’s Boulder

    4 high ranking members of the paladin order as well as Galen Sunsword, Gwenyth Sunsword, Phineas Barringster, Kallark Gandolin, Lance Willakers, Alvudrin Mcgee, Kazuki and a few Jimmies travelled to a secluded cave in order to kill a whelpling as per the last request in the will of Virgo Sunsword, it had been decided that whoever slew the beast would become the next Grand Paladin.

    the 4 high ranking members were: 
    Rodvier Lightstormer, a well built sigil of flame, Templar-Bearserker and his Elven Suncleric companion.
    Harold Pounds, a giant Bearserker who although illiterate had a heart and will of iron.
    William Wilkens, an exotic Rokesh follower who had trained in the ways of the Petalwalkers.
    Cedric Digery, a devout follower of the light who let his ambitions get the better of him despite his hard training as a Witch.

    the group entered the cave to see it lined with skeletons, the didn't seem to be ageless so the party moved on, they came to an area filled with chests, unfortunately their greed got the better of them as when they attempted to loot the chests they revealed themselves to be mimics and bit down on the men, luckily they were no mere adventurers so they dispatched the mimics with ease.

    They came to the entrance to the next part of the cave and saw 8 Deathknights standing to attention, these too didn't move or seem hostile so the group just walked past them.

    the got to the end of the cave and saw a giant black and green scaled Whelpling sleeping as well as a boulder and a golden Pickaxe, most of the party moved to surround the creature and attack it before it awakened, but Kazuki, Phineas and Cedric moved towards the pickaxe. the Party woke the dragon before they could attack it and Galen Sunsword was sliced by the creatures claws and was unable to avoid its death breath killing him. the battle raged on hit after hit impacted the whelping's scales. Alvudrin was the next to fall victim to the dragon's breath after trying to stab the creature in the mouth.

    William Wilkens left the battle to help the Jimmies at the entrance fend off the ageless hoard that had been awakened by the Whelping and succeeded.

    Finally after hundreds of attacks and spells of all sorts Rodvier Brought down his legendary sword on the beast's head decapitating it. the ageless fell to the ground, the jimmies and Willaim came into the area to celebrate the victory however Phineas Barringster and Cedric Digery were determined to break the boulder, Cedric casts some arane magic at the boulder releasing a small wisp of dark magic which overtook his mind in an instant, Rodvier's Elven companion translated some ancient elvish that was written on the pillar the bolder was placed upon, it read "Here lies Death" Kazuki instantly left the cave upon hearing these words, all of the remaining party except for Phineas and Cedric made their way to the exit but as they got there Cedric destroyed the boulder and and revealed a small child's skeleton impaled with an obsidian blade, the blade fell out of the bones and the skeleton rose up, Phineas ran over to the skeleton and his flesh melted away in an instant turning him ageless, Cedric followed suit, the skeleton turned to the fleeing party and in an unkowable number of voices asked them to join him, the all began to run out of the cave, Quintara Lotus appeared beside Rodvier and attempted to teleport him away but failed and so ran with the rest of the group out of the cave Harold Pounds stared at the skeleton for a couple of seconds and the skeleton stared back at him unmoving, Harold then also left the cave. The Skeleton the raised a hand into the air and Resserected everything inside the cave as an ageless being including Galen Sunsword, the headless Whelpling and Alvudrin Mcgee

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