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Old god divine concepts and discussion

As we are going to be making a new divine soon(?) I find it fun to discuss divine ideas. Note I want to avoid being too specific on the basis that we really don't know much about how much we can actually do, for example I have seen the idea of having Gwynneth come back as a divine, somehow her emotions and memories surviving the grand paladin ritual, thanks to us, however I do not know if we could do something like that, if we can that's cool and I really like the idea, but as mentioned, I simply don't know if it could work like that, as such I am working more on things I think we can dicide, such as what it will want to do in the world. As such this will focus on that. Note if anyone has any information about it that contradicts something I said, let me know, now on to the concepts themselves, again note I am going for more about what they will do in the world, and less about more specific details such as race unless I find it important to the role they will fill. Now on to the concepts, sorry for really long winded intro.

1st concept: The main goal and drive of this divine is simple. To heal Goulstandt(The dragon aspect of death magic in case I spelt it wrong) of his madness, why? Well i think it could be cool if this divine was a daughter of his or something, however I am not sure if we can do that. The reason why I would like this is simply because I feel like it would be fascinating if he returns to sanity and what he does once he realises what has happened as well as seeing how this affects the ageless. 

2nd concept: The purpose of this divine is to provide a leader and protection to ageless who do not want to get involved in the war a actual divine protecting them is a big deal. I like the idea of him going around offering his protection to peaceful ageless and maybe even establishing a city of peace. I think this would be interesting.

3rd concept: This divine is a high bear that wants to mobilise the high bears, wants them to get more involved in the world and its politics. Now I can see this going in 3 directions, so I guess this is technically 3 concepts but putting them all under one makes sense to me. The first idea is deciding that the ageless has to be dealt with and working with the grand paladin order to fight it, of course they will have to convince all the high bears to do so, the same with all of these. The second idea is that they actually agree with Bopen, if everyone was ageless it would be similar to pre the birth of magic. The last one is sort of my favourite, they are tired of all the infighting and as such wants the high bear to simply take over, making a high bear empire.

I think that's enough for now, sorry for really long post 


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