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Anyone playing Maplestory 2?

Since you guys seem like the type of people who would be playing it. My friend and I were looking to join a guild to do the hard dungeons with and eventually the Chaos ones when they come out.


  • i'm trying too. a lot of my freinds are playing it, but i can never seem to play WITH them. so i only do an hour or so of solo missions before i get bored.
  • My friend is a level 58 priest and im a lvl 60 archer, we were looking for two people to either do lube or immortal with to get the wings / horns. Are you at the hard dungeons?
  • @Tambone

    nnnope. i'm only like, level 17, chasing down this generic masked villain alongside this cowardly knight i'm 100% positive is the real villain here.

    like i said, i don't play a lot because none of my friends are playing with me.
  • Yea, I sw it and I might try the game out, is their like a guild system, maybe get a UREalms one started?
  • I've been thinking about it.
  • I actually own the guild named urealms so if ya wanna join it let me know~
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