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Working on the next KonRealms version at Twitch

I recently figured out some problems i had with streamlabs which gives me the option to stream KonRealms development. If you are interested in seeing some things early, have ideas for cards to be added or want to make the many hours of typing less boring feel free to come and hang out.

Things confirmed for the next update:
Combat System overhaul.
Roleplay Spells.
Red gem shop added to Character Creation (Includes Player Move/Regular/Anytime Actions, generic abilities like Block, Dodge and Parry, Supplies and "Curses")

Things to do:
Look trough/type over basically all KonRealms and URealms cards.
Balancing/updating cards to fit the new Combat System.
Look at the Transformed Terrain effects/simplify them/reduce the amount.
Type out notes into cards.
Finish the Druid and Cryomancer Class.
Look at/rework Classes i'm not satisfied with (Magic Infuser).
Lots of grammer/Spelling fixing.
Add more things to this list.
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