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Urealms Unified is celebrating Halloween by hosting Trick Or Treat Campaigns from multiple GMs!

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It is Halloween spook month and the Urealms Unified Discord server would love to celebrate for our 300 members! Several Admins of the server are going to be hosting Trick or Treat campaigns over the course of a week where you will be playing as kids traveling from location to location slowly collecting more and more candy! 
Starting this Thursday (the 18th) going through the following Wednesday (the 24th) we will be hosting Character Creation throughout where you will create your characters that will be used through all campaigns hosted for this event. The cards used in the event will be mostly vanilla, with the few exceptions being candy buckets such as custom card that you can carry the candy you collect and many fun custom candy cards!
Then, from that Thursday (the 25th) through the following Wednesday (the 31st) we will host the campaigns! Your characters will be Trick or Treating to celebrate "Moa Shawl" (Our Urealms canon version of Halloween). Each campaign will be different, but following the Trick or Treat theme your goal will be to collect a piece of candy from the Bowl at the end. Whatever candy you collect will be saved with your character and carried over between Campaigns so you may choose when to snack on them.
Also, if you care for collectibles, whatever Candy Bags and Candy Wrappers you collect throughout the event will be saved in your Inventory in the Urealms Unified Discord through the Urbot bot that @Bigfoot created (linked at the bottom).
If you are interested in joining, click the link to join the Discord if you are not yet a part of it:
Then, once you've familiarized yourself with the server make your way over to the #bot-commands chat and type
?rank Trick or Treaters 
so that you will be notified to make your character and to join the fun campaigns!

Happy Halloween / Fearless Mao Shawl everyone!
        ~Urealms Unified

Urbot Forum Post:
Urbot Website:


  • Character Creation has begun today and will last through Wednesday the 24th! Make sure you don't miss out if you're interested!
  • Today is the last day we are prioritizing Character Creation before the games begin tomorrow! Make sure to join and let us know you need to CC if you're interested in joining!
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