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The Perilous Heist ( attempt 2 ) (2/4) Open

This thread is not like most other threads as it will only focus around 1 single mission given to 4 premade characters. You will not roll for anything in this thread, instead I will give you a selection of choices to deal with any given situation. In some the answer may be obvious, in others it won’t be. all spells, abilities and limiteds are treated as consumables for this adventure so once you’ve used something it’s gone. If any of your party die before your mission is complete or you kill any other characters it’s game over as all of you need to survive to get the proper ending. Making an incorrect choice will usually lead to an instantaneous death so be careful. Think of this thread as a choose your own adventure book but 4 people are sharing and working together to win.

Characters to choose from ( first come first served )
A short close minded dwarf who wants to do everything his way.

Emily_Green Rein
A recent widow who uses her gadgets to get things done.

A clumsy Bard who is good at dealing with people and dangerous situations.

Braw_Hin Wyvern
An apprentice sorcerer who loves women almost to an unhealthy degree. 


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