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Radiation in urealms

So strangly I haven’t seen anyone say anything about this revelation, at the end of the last beenu when Maelstrom ascended and started breathing green fire people in chat started speculating that Maelstrom had become at aspect for a new element of magic but nothing more came of it. In the season 3 finale after Mrs Willakers ascended and started breathing out green fire Rob specified it as pure radiation, there are no spells in Urealms that have the word radiation in them and radiation doesn’t seem to fit into any of the preexisting elements we have and we have seen no other characters eminate or use radiation except for newly ascended Divines. This leaves a lot of questions open. Are there radioactive substances in Urealms? Is radiationmagic in Urealms, or something else? Do only newly born Divines have the ability to release radiation? Does any of this even matter in the future?


  • One of the books in one of the previous nader animatics was titled "The Seventh Dragon Aspect" so we might get an answer in that if it happens.
  • @Dolfinmaster
    oh I didn’t see that one. Yeah that would be cool
  • tbh i'm thinking it means unstable magic
  • does this mean people in urelams are all secretly suffer from cancer, after intense radiation contact from a dragon? lol
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    @Murlin22 I'm pretty sure Maelstrom became a Sun Dragon. So while his Green Breath may be Radiation, it would Solar Radiation, not the Nuclear Radiation we think of as Green (for some reason).
  • @Valariumis
    i’d assume that’s creation magic since it can do litterally anything. 
  • @TristionSaiara
    prehaps. But probably not since Virgo, Gwenyth and Galen were around when Mrs Willakers ascended and we’ve seen no visible effects of cancer on any of them.
  • @friskyBrisky
    yeah. I assume you mean Maelstrom not Phanto but in practice all radiation has the same effect since the sun is just a ball of high energy plasma undergoing constant neuclear reactions and shooting off radiation in all directions
  • @Murlin22 Maelstrom is what I meant; thank you for informing me of my error. :)

    And what you say is also true.
  • @friskyBrisky
    but you know it makes sense for a sun dragon to emit radiation cause that what the sun does, doesn’t work as well explaining why Verandra breathed radiation when she turned
  • why do we think maelstrom is a sun dragon?
  • @Shane i guess because he destroyed the beings that worshiped Phanto
  • @Shane From the donation event to turn Maelstrom into a Dragon: "Maelstrom will take his first steps into become a Sun Dragon God himself and transform into a wild, out of control Whelpling as he attempts to control his own newly found power.
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    Well, broadly speaking. All "heat" is radiation. Even cell phone calls are technically radiation.

    Edit: Now that I think about it. It'ndt dragon gold very similar in it's effects on objects? Dragon gold destroys living beings that can't handle it's raw power. Would we not say that it radiates extreme power?
  • @CongenialVirus ;
    drsgon gold is creation magic, the same way gold is regular magic.
  • Radiation is light magic. What do you think a sun burn is? It's a radiation burn!
  • @Rob
    okay that makes sense, kinda hoped it’d be cooler but yeah sounds pretty obvious now I think about it
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    But @Rob ; radiation is just unstable isotopes that transition between multiple elements. So I feel like radiation should be considered a part of (Light, Earth, Ice, and Fire magics, not just light) because these magics all have the elements known to us in the real world. (but then again URealms probably has different chemical laws than us lol.)

    EDIT: actually now that I think about it wouldn't it be cool if in URealms, radiation magic was simply the ability to change the properties of 1 spell to another. (Ex: Changing a fireball into a blizzard etc) We can just say that its due to the radiation magic making the elements of a fireball unstable isotopes that go through their property changing reactions quickly.

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    @Rob Radiotherapist Class when? :p
  • @friskyBrisky Its called a suncleric :P
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    If radiation is a form of light magic then couldn't it be like a stronger form but more corrupt since it has more energy so like powerful mages of like the order of chaos could use it ? I think that would be cool since it's a very sinister form of magic .
  • @TristionSaiara nah Radiation is Light Magic. You can't use real science in this roleplay world and expect it to be the same!
  • @Rob fair, considering the water in this world has minecraft physics lol
  • @Rob @TristionSaiara ;
     You don't even need fancy science. "Light" (visible light) is just a certain intensity (that may not be the right science word) of radiation. So, any "radiation magic" would just be more energetic light magic. "Gamma Radiation" would just be the light equivalent of a Pyroblast.
    Also, Triston, I think Rawb said that that was just his way of explaining how it worked in the moment, and that, in reality, something else happened (like how the Band of Thieves animatic retconned Philhipé into being mind controlled as the hug thing didn't make any sort of sense, despite the hilarity of it)
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    @CaesarBarringster I understand what you mean, and its true that radiation itself is still light (just at a extremely high frequency), but i was more concerned with its ability to change elements (Example: Carbon-14 decaying into Nitrogen-14). So you and rob are right, radiation magic should be considered light magic (it just also has the ability to transform Fire, Earth and Ice, for reasons stated above). So I guess to truly be able to have the capabilities of radiation magic, one has to be extremely skilled with light magic. Like I wouldn't imagine a skilled fire, ice or earth user to be able to use radiation for changing the elements. It just be really cool to see someone like The Grand Paladin (who is the literal embodiment of light magic) to be able to switch earth into fire, light or ice because of radiation (light) magic.

    omg, this just sounds so cool, aww how epic would it be if some ageless throws a fireball at Gwenyth and she just turns it into a bright light with a snap of her fingers. Or if someone uses a mark of walling to hold Gwenyth and the Paladins back. But she just turns the wall into fire and walks right through it like a bad ass.

    Now since we don't actually know what arcane and dark magic is made of, that would be up rob to decide if radiation magic could effect those magics. 

    But then again who knows if radiation (light) magic will even have this cool power of element shifting in the first place. :peace: 
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