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(Move Actions) New Idea for Season 4

The Element Mage Gauntlets gave me an idea for a potential improvement for season 4; Abilities which cost Move Actions instead of Regular Actions. These Abilities will be similar to Season 2 Anytime Actions which allowed Players to do small actions to combo into their Regular Action. Move Actions can also be used to fix some cards which need to change they are little impact full  or boring.

Combo Abilities: In season 3 all combo Abilities has been either Limited or require Anytime Actions (which is uncommon to do). 
Example of Potential Improvement:custom card from dragginlightning

Return of More Actions: One of the most enjoyable combats encounters is from the Murder Bro campaign were the players had 2 Regular Actions each turn from a donation event. I believe allowing curtain classes to do additional actions each turn would help to make them more specialized and unique. For example wizards should be a "Berserker" Spellcaster and casting 2 spells each turn allow it to rival the Berserkers 40 Damage abilities.
custom card
Other Examples of ideas to make classes more unique: 
custom card
custom card

Fix Buff Abilities and Healing/Weak Abilities:
Using actions to buff others are never done in Urealms since it requires the only action you are given (its boring to make someone else cool). See holylight one of the most powerful Healing Abilities in the game, but is a Regular Action and was never bought or used (even in season 2). layonhands on the other hand are one of the most used spells since its Limited Free Action. Many of the Boring and Weak abilities can be fixed by changing the ability from a Regular to Move action:
custom card
custom card
Also with the Limited Change it would be easier to change Buffing and Limited Support Spells into move Actions in Season 4.


  • Let me say, this idea NEEDS to be added. I had the Idea of strong interrupts requiring the use on an anytime action, but this is much more justifiable and just make the game more tactical and most importantly the point you brought up, it makes once useless cards actually have a use. So  happy someone brought this up.
  • I like this idea also. 
  • Rob
    edited October 2018
    More actions = slower combat. I'm not interested in slowing down combat. You can already do combos via the Anytime action system. You shouldn't be doing Combos every single turn or else combat becomes a snail. It also just becomes one more thing you need to explain to people. Even in the season finale you see Coe forget that Limited Actions don't use an action. I'm trying to streamline my combat, not add more complexity.

    Also, saying things like "it was never used in season 2" is silly. We only do 10 campaigns. Not every ability is going to be used. 
  • edited October 2018
    @Rob You right, is calling abilities silly because they were not used is even more stupid after i realized that there were only 2 sunclerics in total in both season 2 and 3. :peace: 

    However i think it will be fairly easy to explain and understand compared to the Limited system from season 3. Also, Move actions will probably be used fairly uncommonly since they have to sacrifice their moving to do a lesser action.

    That being said, you knows what is best for the show, I might think to much about the Gameplay and to little about how it impacts the Show. Have a Great Day :heart: 
  • A move gem idea is a cool idea, but again it's just more complexity. That was the pitfall I fell into doing S3. Adding too many complexities to the system that didn't add anything other then making it more complicated.

    All this does is make it so every turn rather then use your move or not use your move, you almost ALWAYS use your move for a Move Action. When you make your character, you always try to get 1-2 move action abilities. It's just the anytime system of S1 all over again and it adds bulk to combat I'm not interested in adding. I need a game system that is very straight forward because I have a lot of players and guests that don't know the game system inside and out. The benefit of what move actions bring just isn't worth it when it's just another thing to explain.

    The anytime system is amazing for combos because it's risk vs reward. You can do something huge in combat, but you gotta spend all your resources to do it where as most of the time it's more strategic to save your actions to use to interrupt foes (but that's less fun sometimes!). You don't want your players doing big combos every turn and ALSO interrupting foes because now you got 5-10 min per player per turn times to deal with.
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