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we need to be more responsible as old gods before we do something drastic

I had a realization while reading one of my favorite book series today call the "The Sword of Truth:" by Terry Goodkind and troubling thoughts sprang to mind, as old gods we have tremendous power we can change the course of events in this show, in fact we are the only reason the show exists and it is still alive and thriving. This was strikingly similar to the way wizards work in the series I mentioned, which brings me to what I wanted to bring to everyone's attention they have a set of rules they live by which prevents them from making a muck of things with their influential powers (which often times the rules didn't help much anyways but that's besides the point) so I was thinking and decided these wizard rules would be perfect for us to keep in mind as well while making our decisions, i hope everyone who reads this will try to spread the message it's paramount we are aware of ourselves before we do something we all regret to this amazing brain child of Rob's we all have come to love. now without further ado The newly branded rules of being a responsible old god 

(disclaimer if you're afraid of me spoiling the book series I have mentioned above this list of rules won't spoil too much, it was nice to discover the rules as I read along but they are far from the best parts of the book anyways you have been warned they are literally almost exactly word for word the same rules in the books so all credits go to Terry Goodkind for making up these words I'm just borrowing them ;) spoilers ahead, .... wait is this plagiarism :o  )

1. "People are stupid, They will believe a lie because they want to believe it's true, or because they are afraid it might be true"

2."The Second Rule is that the greatest harm can result from the best intentions. It sounds a paradox, but kindness and good intentions can be an insidious path to destruction. Sometimes doing what seems right is wrong, and can cause harm. The only counter to it is knowledge, wisdom, forethought, and understanding the First Rule. Even then, that is not always enough.”
 (we've already fallen victim of this already as Rob reveals in the season finale we unintentionally made ghost blade a god by trying to spare Bruce Wilakers a death from one of our lowly servants let's not let that happen again)

3."Passion rules reason for better or for worse"
(We should be mindful of this rule before we make a stupid choice and jump off a cliff to save a character just because we love them)

4."There is magic in sincere forgiveness; in the forgiveness you give, but more so in the forgiveness you receive"
(perhaps if we forgive some characters in the future before we make hasty choices we may prevent this world from suffering)

5."Mind what people do, not only what they say, for deeds will betray a lie"
(we should really pay attention to this it could prove useful in deciding in the future)

6."the only sovereign you can allow to rule you is reason"
(pretty self explanatory we shouldn't let those in the show control our decisions or even rob for that matter) 

7. "life is the future, not the past"
(we should all think of the future of our decisions we may end up in a messy situation if we don't)

8."Deserve victory"
(i mean it explains itself)

9."A contradiction can not exist in reality. Not in part, nor in whole. To believe in a contradiction is to abdicate your belief in the existence of the world around you and the nature of the things in it, to instead embrace any random impulse that strikes your fancy - to imagine something is real simply because you wish it were. A thing is what it is, it is itself. There can be no contradictions. Faith is a device of self-delusion, a sleight of hand done with words and emotions founded on any irrational notion that can be dreamed up. Faith is the attempt to coerce truth to surrender to whim. In simple terms, it is trying to breath life into a lie by trying to outshine reality with the beauty of wishes. Faith is the refuge of fools, the ignorant, and the deluded, not of thinking, rational men. In reality, contradictions cannot exist. To believe in them you must abandon the most important thing you possess: your rational mind. The wager for such a bargain is your life. In such an exchange, you always lose what you have at stake." 
(it's a lengthy rule indeed but an important one that once understood could be useful in us not making a bad choice but is it really that useful... i don't know)

10. "Willfully turning aside from the truth is treason to one's self"
(how could we as old gods ever deserve the mantle of power we posses if we ignore the truth at hand and believe what we want it would be treason to the world we love)

11. "the rule unwritten"
(sadly even i do not know the last rule but perhaps we don't need it hopefully....)

Again i'd like to say all these words are quote for quote from the book series "The Sword of Truth" by Terry Goodkind i just borrowed his quotes so we may learn from his wisdom and use our powers responsibly, also share this with the other old gods so all may be responsible of their decisions and we may prevent disaster from hasty use of our powers. I really love this show and have been watching since Roamin's band of thieves i would hate for us to make a muck of this world

Sincerely - Old God Morphine
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