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Nisovin Between S1 & S2/S3 (Appearance)

I don't know why, I have no reasoning, no explanation, but I prefer the S1 Nisovin puppet over the S2 and S3 one. I thinks its simplicity of the design, and how it feels so much more like a Nisovin thing to do, doesn't really feel like Nisovin, I know. But still I prefer it.  >:)


  • I feel like the nisovin season 1 puppet would have fit better as the puppet irl-nisovin uses to make his characters, because it’s more inline with everyone else’s puppet.
    But character nisovin I feel the season 2+ puppet fits better, there is a place for both puppets in my opinion.
  • S1 nisovin is in my opinion the real original nisovin and any other nisovins who don’t use that puppet are believers 
  • Nueren campaign animation niso best niso
  • I'm surprised, I thought I would be on the few people who liked the S1 Puppet more. Thanks guys  :)
  • I think as far as all the niso stuff goes I'm more from the DVZ era so I think the puppet from season 1 was okay, but I really like season 2 era Niso the best in terms of how I've always pictured him.
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