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Reviving Phanto

I'm going to say that some freak accident must have happened to send all the dragons off and judging from the animations.


  • Backlash from the Old Gods?
    We did kill Phanto, in the first place. Perhaps their attempt led to a horrible backlash, the divine of the realm trying to undo something commanded by us.
    Or, perhaps, Phanto was simply too great to be revived. Resurrections create Sins of the Unforgotten, so it could also be that Phanto was... too important. It was too big of a sin and so the Dragons faced their punishment for it (similar to the idea that Phanto wasn't allowed to be resurrected because he was killed by us).
  • I bet Ouro'ras got himself killed on purpose ;3
    Do you think there's a spell he could have cast that would kill him and resurect phanto. I can think of one.
  • I have a kinda real aged question to this. If Ouro’ras was carrying the eternal flame, the object that allowed light magic from all over the realm to be cast easily does that mean each of the aspects can give their respective elements object to other creatures? And if so why was Ouro’ras the only one to do so. Perhaps @Fera is on the right track
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    @Murlin22 ;
    to be fair having the item of ultimate power of an element on an immortal is surely a better idea than on a mortal, so yeah this is likely a good sign that something happened to Ouro'ras.

    I'm curious how important the thing eternal flame is, The post-lightbeards cinematic showed that Kallark couldn't feel the light anymore does that mean he and everyone else couldn't cast light spells? but then again I feel like light spells were surely cast between virgo's death and gwyneth's ceremony, i think galen PI took place entirely in that time and there were light spells most likely.  I know there were greater lay on hands and final gift but i can see even if the flame does matter legendary spells still work especially since final gift is needed to pass on.  I ended up ranting here lol but i'm wondering what exactly is the purpose of the eternal flame.
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    I’m pretty sure the eternal flame is sort of like a conduit for all light magic In the realm. It’s not essenatural to cast light magic but it makes things easier.
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    This is what I have pieced together.

    After the birth of magic Goldsants mind slowly began to go. This is why he made the Blade he gave to Lyn to take care of him if he ever went wild. The Dragon aspects then made a plan together with the Beenu to Resurrect Phanto. Fearing, or knowing, something grave would happen to him during the Ouro'ras gave the Eternal Flame to Thor so the Light would live on without him. During the Ritual, something did go wrong. It cost Ouro'ras his life and Goldsants his mind and soul. This is why they couldn't try again, they were missing 2 of there siblings necessary for the ritual.

    Now I speculate that this all happened within whatever a nature elven lifespan is form the Birth of Magic.

     I would think that Goldson would have given Lyn the Blade after she climbed to the top of the ToUW since she wasn't really an assassin till then, that is one of the earliest things we know happened after all. After the elves subdued Goldsants for the first time they learned the effects of dragon silver and stoped Lyn form killing him. 

    If anyone could self-revive in the URealms it would be Ouro'ras. So i am thinking that it is possible that he gave himself a curse of the old gods and came back somehow to do something. This thought comes from Rob talking to him on the forums.

    The other dispersed to greave, give birth, and mess with morals.
  • @CaesarBarringster Yeah, I was there for that lol, but I don't think it's necessarily a sin. I think the gods of the realm below the suns aren't exactly powerful enough. As you said he's too great to be revived by lesser beings.

    @Murlin22 I think he did it before trying to resurrect Phanto just in case something did happen. Since he's not exactly around I think the dragon son of light ended up giving up his life; plus too I think I remember Rob somewhere mentioning Thor of dealing with a depression of some sort.

    @Frkgr354 That's mostly what I've gathered here too.
  • What I just realized it could be that Golesandt and Ouro'ras counter each other. While Golesandt lost his mind during the ritual could it have been Ouro'ras lost their body? And a possibility is that Ouro'ras is the eternal flame. As in Ouro'ras' mind and consciousness. Which could explain why a mortal changes so much, because the mind of a dragon aspect is being put inside of them.
  • The only thing about that theory is that Ouro'ras gave Thor the light before the ritual.
  • @erock1118 I like the sound of that duality. But the thing is though that the giving of the eternal flame was pretty significant. It' something you could put a lot behind and it makes sense to me at least.
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    it might have been possible for us to revive Phanto in the future if SOME PEOPLE didn't KILL HIM!

    *Sideglance @ most of the old gods*
  • Hey I didn’t pay to see phanto die, I did enjoy the cutscene tho
  • I didn't technically get to pay for it though I had to leave for work before I could. I really wanted that accolade ;-;
  • we didn't see bruce be given the flame but I was under the impression that when he was he didn't really change much, final gift is what changes the user to be like the previous i think, not the flame @erock1118 .
  • @Shane bruce was given the flame in the opening animatic
  • @Dolfinmaster ;
    better wording would have been the impact of him being given the flame, like an attitude shift wasn't mentioned anywhere i'm pretty sure
  • @Shane I agree a bit although I think it is a spiritual energy. Maybe too Bruce was told by Thor at some point how to pass the flame down or how to save it. Considering there was a promise between him and Virgo for that very circumstance.
  • Yooooooooo what if that's why the gods freak out whenever someone has meta knowlage@CaesarBarringster
  • So, I suspect that the final gift and greater lay on hands were created after the birth of magic. Before the birth of magic none of the elves or the aspects would have had a use for it but we saw that Virgo had a final gift spell when Wup Wup died.

    What I'm predicting is that Ouro'ras created the greater lay on hands spell for the dragon aspects to cast together to resurrect phanto however he may have had a reason to believe that this wouldn't work. Instead Ouro'ras would cast a different spell he created. The Final Gift Spell. Galen mentioned that Ouro'ras created it in Private Investigator when talking to Zed Danial's.

    Ouro'ras also wouldn't tell his siblings about this because they might be afraid of losing him and we have seen how much Quintara cares. So I believe that Ouro'ras planned to cast Final Gift during the resurrection attempt resulting in his death without telling his siblings.

    I should also point out, if Ouro'ras planned to die in an attempt to resurrect phanto then of course he would pass the eternal flame on to preserve it.
  • maybe Ouro'ras is T Neconni
  • It has been shown that final gift can he used on a long dead creature... but what would happen if two divine beings merged? Would the result be a double god? Would it have the powers of the two or some combined version of both?
  • @Thatcoolnoob2212 ;
    I think it just didn't work or at least it has such a high cost to it that like somewhat mentioned earlier crippled and or killed Ouro'ras and Golstandt.
    @Fera ;
    But I think they're just too powerful/great for even the most powerful magics to do it. I would think this too since all the other magics are below the divine creation magics they have.
  • Heres an idea, what if the plan was for the dragons to sacrofice themselfs, causing Ore rus (light dragon idk the name) to die, but befor golstant lost his mind, and this started the process, but Im thinking that Quentara might have been the one to mess up the ritural, considering she is about arcane and wild magic. She is unprodictable and rob said himself that she would do what no one expected, she may have bailed last minute, causing the ritural to go amiss. 

    Just my unlikly theory 
  • @CaptainDeston
    Wut? :| (I can't interpret that sentance ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
  • @Fera
    It's all good mate. I might be writing like garbage lately because I work 12 hours shifts and had to deal with extended family and their baby keeping me up most nights off. I'll clarify what I think I meant  :)

    I don't think that greater lay on hands was made to resurrect Phanto; although I think final gift could be an exception as from what we've seen it's an exceedingly rare act compared to greater lay on hands. But, even with magics that powerful I would say that the dragon gods aren't powerful enough in any means to bring back phanto who's in a way is/was more powerful than them.
  • @Knifu_Waifu I don't think they would have sacrificed themselves if they could avoid it. Although the dark and light drag boys may have lead the effort or were the two who the rest thought could only do it seeing as when phanto died there was darkness and before he was a sun. Just a duality there I guess.
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