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Video Games & Minecraft {Serious}

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I understand that majority of the age range here are younger people, and being now 17 I thought I'd ask a question to those my age and older. Do you still think Video games & Minecraft are as unique as they once were? Back when Minecraft was starting out and gaming, granted was always on computer, was just beginning to become more mainstream on the PC, more then before, along with consoles. Everything felt different. For instance Minecraft; before 1.8 the Adventure update I always felt like the game had a feeling to it, a sense almost like you could do anything without restriction in a reasonable amount of time then came hunger and it was almost like, its an ever expanding world but the biomes are bigger and everything's less diverse because of that, but the time to explore is the same and you can't keep going due to the hunger you must settle down and satisfy. I don't know, maybe I'm nostalgic but I've always felt like minecraft was a different game before that and I feel like every update with blocks and mobs and the end could be added except the addition to visual changes, terrain, and hunger being added to the game. Now then my other topic was Video games back in 2000-2010 area I felt like games were more unique, more different, more of a selection because at the time they had more power to build, but only could build so much, now it feels like a copy with more graphics and more problems because of them and less story less immersion and less feeling. Halo, Cod, Portal, HL1 & 2, hell even all the Wii games felt amazing. Not its just stale because everyone is trying for the money which we give because we believe we'll always get something new, unique, that's why indie games are more popular because they make more unique stuff because they have less money to spend on it, while the big companies can look see what everyone likes and make it bigger, but staler. I just feel like everything is dying in a way and the kids who are now on Urealms are truly lucky, because just like back then in my opinion, which all this is in my opinion, they have something unique, Urealms. I don't know maybe I'm just old and growing out of it, what do you guys think?


  • I disagree massively, video games are definitely not getting less innovative. The art of video games has come a long way, and it is no surprise that the standards we hold are much higher than they used to be. The budget gap between triple A and indie is shrinking steadily, and developers are getting better and better and using inspiration from previous great games in a considered way to make their own interactive experiences. 
  • @MultiNightsniper ;The problem is that in general people have trouble letting go of the things that defined something for them.

    Similarly to you there are games I played in my early gaming years (Im 25 by the way so just minus 8 years or so from the years you first started playing games), that will always hold those top marks with me and modern games will always feel like they are just poor copies. Part of this is nostalgia making me remember them as being better than they were, but mostly it is just because those games taught me what gaming was all about, introduced me to genres, ideas, and gameplay mechanics. However there are still so many new games that are quickly becoming long time favourites with me now, some of these I can tell it is because they are a new experience, but even some that are great because remind me a lot of older games.

    That all being said, as a person who is aiming to get into video development I hope the era of originality or good games definitely isn't ending otherwise Im heading down a dead end street, haha.
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