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New Avatars!

Who else is looking forward to all the new avatars? I didn't have my own money to donate with but I have plenty of site gold, so I'm looking forward to all of them being made available tot the general public!


  • Mmm yes. Maybe i'll upgrade to a new avatar with my 64,934 gold.
    But probably not gonna save up for Quintara Lotus. Because... reasons.
  • I’m excited for the large amp it fo avatars were going to get. It’s always nice to be on the forums when new avatars are released and see who chose what and which one is the most popular
  • Still going to hoard gold like a dragon. I spent 50$ to get the quintara lotus avatar and I have 82k sitting in the bank. Will probably just buy another 100k when it comes out.
  • Hopen for a Bopen avatar to be released at some point.
  • If you guys are so excited and need something to fill the wait you guys can check out this one streamer who actually draws the upcoming characters from time to time and somehow ends up being the actual forum avatars. Their Twitch is come hang out!
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    Don't forget Sixelona, artist and animator for URealms, streams drawing the avatars from time to time. You can catch her streams at She also sometimes posts sketches on her twitter, Come check her stream out sometime! Fungi beat me to it :frownporc: 
  • I wish I could just sit and Watch @Sixelona ; , But between school and work I have no time to watch. I wish she had some stuff up on youtube I could binge, like speed paints or something.

  • I love avatars, avatars are great and Sixelona is great.
  • I can't wait for the Ida avatar, at least I hope that they make one. She was the most fun character in The Purge and the art on her details page is amazing.
  • rip to my mans deleted user. Free him
  • Also dropped the $50 on the last campaign, I mean it was mostly to support the show, but that Quintara is a nice bonus 
  • @CPTSKIM Thats what we all tell ourselves at night XD
  • @ItsjustAvy #BowBeforeTheSmutDragon 

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    If anyone is interested I am currently working on Urealms Characters from the Light Beards on my twitch channel!

    Not sure how late I will go, I will try to remember to update when I go offline!

    Stream is over but VOD should be up a lil while to watch :dank: 
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