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Using Phantos Avatar.

so i think the half-dragon silhouette we see in the season finaly is Phantos avatar, as we know both the sun dragons supposedly have avatars in the realm while they're real sun boodys are in the sky, but more importantly i think that we old gods might use that avatar when we make our Order of Chaos God. if you all remember in the Sandbold campaign we learned that our OOC god would rise at the same location where the dragon aspects tried to resurrect Phantos! which would be the same place the Phanto avatar would be at. i dont know how this could inpact the world of Urealms If it ends up being true, But think it could probubly lede to somthing cool! 


  • I must be blind, but where is the half-silhouette in the finale? 
  • @ThePhatSass in the opening animatic when nader talks about the aspects trying to revive phanto.
  • I think that silhouette is actually Ouro'ras, not Phantos. Later in the cinematic here, Nader says the Eternal Flame was given to Thor before the resurrection attempt, so should Ouro'ras die, Thor would become the new keeper of the Light. The immediate cut to that silhouette, combined with the fact that Thor, ya know.... did become the keeper of the Light, seems to imply the resurrection attempt backfired horrendously and killed Ouro'ras.

    Plus it's hard for Phanto to scream out in pain and agony if they're still dead. 
  • @Dorian exept If you look earlier in the animation we see the scene clerer and it look like the dragons are trying to fuse life in to the siluett. And in That scen the characters in it look not at the siluett But behind them when somone screm out in pain. So you could be rigth But its far from a cler case.
  • @LexderMob However we see a yellow-flash explosion from a Draconic-Humanoid screaming in pain, and he's the first to fade during the dragons circling scene. I agree with Dorian here, definitely seems more Ouro'ras than Phanto.
  • @UnluckyBimi Said yellow flash could have been the aspects each using a dragon tier form of Greater Lay on Hands.
  • @Dolfinmaster Could be, however that'd definitely be more of Ouro'ras than the other 5 given how it's light (unless you meant like a neutral-magic or all-element or just a unique spell in general, then could be so).
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    @UnluckyBimi I would presume the aspects could use all forms of magic seeing as magic was just magic for most of their lives. But over time grew to be specialized in each school
  • @Dolfinmaster I assume the same thing, but for some reason it doesn't seem like the others would know a massively powerful version of an element they aren't the Aspect of. I know it's got no grounding, and is just an assumption, but it just doesn't seem like others aspects would know Aspect-tier magic of an element that isn't theirs.
  • @UnluckyBimi Missed my point. For most of the Aspects life, they were all aspects of Light magic, as that was the only magic that existed. So before BoM, Vlarunga was the aspect of Light, Golestandt was the aspect of Light, etc. So they all knew those spells and abilities of Light magic. But then the Birth of Magic happened which threw off the balance (or created the balance from a certain point of view) causing the aspects to morph into what they are now (which i believe is why Golestandt went feral because it was this polar change from Light to Dark don't quote me on that i believe it was mentioned somewhere). So it doesnt matter that Quintara is the aspect of Arcane, or that Yvander is the aspect of Ice. They all knew extreme light magic at one point in their lives which is how they would all know this ability if it even exists.
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    @Dolfinmaster Well, before the birth of Magic "Light magic" wasn't "light magic" it was just magic. All magic wasn't in any element really, just "magic" in general (Coe used a "dark" spell Pre-BoM in Senate of Deadlantis, which is where I'm getting that from) and the aspects became attuned with a different element post-BoM, and although it's been said that Golestandts' change into the Aspect of Dark he appeared present in the book-version of Phantos' attempted resurrection which, given Naders' meta-level knowledge, seems weird if he was truly insane purely from becoming the Aspect of Dark.
  • @UnluckyBimi Ok sure, it was all just magic which reinforces the fact that each aspect would know each spell in that time. I just said Light because that is what we have been told in the past. With the thing with Golestandt, you are putting forth the assumption that the shift to the elements was instantaneous with the Aspects and not gradually overtime like when using the spell Final Gift. Remembering now, i also believe it was a combination of the loss of phanto (which would be solidified when they failed to resurrect him) and the change from being a light aspect to dark.
  • @Dolfinmaster I'm hardly putting forth the assumption that the shift to elements was instantaneous, however it's been said that the change was drastic (which implies quick) with the death of Phanto, which turned him feral. 
  • @UnluckyBimi Drastic in no way implies quick. All it implies is an extreme change.
  • I’ll just copy-paste the Cambridge dictionary definition for you: “severe and sudden or having very noticeable effects” @Dolfinmaster
  • I'll just copy-paste the Miriam Webster dictionary definition for you: "extreme in effect or action : severe or serious" @UnluckyBimi ;
  • I'll just copy-paste the "Your Dictionary" dictionary definition for you:

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