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Dice Roll Analysis for "A Night To Remember" & "The Lightbeards"

Greetings Old Gods!

Sorry to you handful that have enjoyed my work that I have been away for a while, but Hex, Master Analyst is back!
Since I missed out on the last two campaigns it's a double dose of your roll data analytics.

First up we have the campaign "A Night To Remember"

Next we have the Season 3 Finale, "The Lightbeards"

Also, now that the Season is over, be sure to check out the Season Totals sheet

Lastly, Rawb isn't the only one who was prepping for Season 4. I have also been hard at work for the last few months slowly working on a new analysis spreadsheet that has a few new features and a MUCH better visual look. This will most likely be the last variation of my spreadsheet, at least in Google Sheets, because I've literally hit the maximum size it can be with this new version. With any luck, Rawb will allow me to make an add-on to the website and have it directly on there. Anyway, here's a teaser...


  • Thanks a lot for all this, it's really cool that you keep making those spreadsheets!

    I would just have a small comment about the season recap one: when you are doing the most and least amout of X roll, we only have roamin and deadbones on the high end and almost exclusively Nisovin on the low end. This is to be expected when taking into consideration the number of campaign that each player participated in. I think this would be more interesting to see highest and lowest percentage of a player rather than of all rolls. Then, we could see immediatly who had the highest percentage of crit success, or who was proportionally the least affected  by the curse of K4!

    Anyway that's just a minor comment I wanted to address. Thanks again for all the work you put into this  :)
  • edited October 2018
    @TinySpectrum All of that information is already there. "Most Critical Successes" is in the Yellow "Cirticals and Averages" block, and, while not titled as such, you can see who rolled the most 4's in the graph at the top of the page. I may not have said this before but if you click on a graph and hover over its different parts, you can see the details of each part. 

    It's this exact type of comment why I would love to have someone a little more lore-based, help me out with this. As it stands now I am doing this solo, but I would love to make this more appealing to the community. I focus entirely on the statistical side of URealms in these sheets. Each "block" tells a different story of the data. The one you refer to is the highest and lowest ratio for each player for each roll value (aka "For this roll, [Actor A] rolled the most of all [Value], and [Actor B] rolled the least). That being said, it's inevitable that Nisovin will be the lowest on just about every point, as he only played a Campaign or two. However, this also gives a peek into each Actors play style. Roamin and Deadbones are very common on the data points because they roll more dice than the other Actors. Deadbones probably more so because he has meta knowledge that the others do not, and Roamin because he's crazy lol (if I didn't exclude Rawb in ALL data points than he'd take the highest slot in all runnings...)

    ALL of that being said, I feel that I have displayed a full spectrum view of the roll data (except for 1 key aspect that is being done in Season 4) and it's now your job to interpret it and make your own conclusions. The information is there, seek it out! 
  • @Hex Indeed, I saw that, I just meant to say that I would have highlighted this information rather than the one you chose. That is in the end a completely subjective preference!

    Thanks a lot for your work  :)
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