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The Locket Discussion



  • So I haven't seen this mentioned so I'm going to mention it, The locket was first seen when Rob showed the alternate ending for the divine decision for Lyn Alvatarya Guidin. saying that that was the lighter ending because we didn't know why it was sad.

    So keep that in mind. It was the alternate to the empty cradle that we did see. if all vision where true it would have been what we would have seen.

    My best guess on the identity of the Beenu women would be the lady that Lyn erased before she set here assassins loose in the confess room in the great hall.
  • I was rewatching SoD and there when Nader gives Justin his staff he says it is made of the bones of one of his friends, which was a Beenu, so we know that Nader was at least friends with some Beenu
  • I know that this thread has been dead for a while, but as I was rewatching Nader's Unforgotten Tales, if you slow down the video at the 0:43 second mark, the locket flashes as Nader say's "I'm just a Character"

    Just wanted to point that out
  • Ok wild theory: the locket in the picture is a vampire locket, the two people are Ghostblade and Lyn and Bei's true son and the two of them got swapped right before birth and never swapped back.

    Does it make sense? Absolutely not. Could it make for some fun campaigns? Possibly yes  :p
  • @Weslid that would be amazing! Does the vampire locket work between realms? Dead realms and URealms cross over?
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