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A strangle notebook

A strange notebook appears, detailing a journey of a poor soul
I've been feeling these odd feelings ever since I became ageless, it's hard to explain but I've felt like someones been calling out to me, bidding me to come to them.  If this notebook ever fell into the wrong hands it would surly spell my death but all of this is so strange that I must document these events as truthfully as I possibly can.  Although I wish I could pray to the light, I've been feeling at ease and the Gods have forsaken me.


  • is this fan-fiction? Perhaps you should make a single thread for all of your stories instead of making multiple threads in a single day?
  • I was doing this for October, but perhaps you're right.  The style of writing I'm going for will require some more stories each day
  • Day 2 after the voice,
    I have set out in search of whatever calls me, driven by something I can not explain but I must find out, I need to know who is calling out to me.

    This is strange, I'm standing before a castle but I can not remember how I go here, I'm on a strange island and my journal is no worse for ware so I must've found some sort of passage here, anyhow this castle before me is ominous, this island seems deserted but the castle is in pristine condition, the stones are all black, maybe painted.  There are pikes sticking from the ground, some of which still have skeletons of the poor souls who were impaled, I hope that they will no longer be used, they unsettle me.

    I've entered the castle, and the place was dark, I could only make out two suits of armor, they seemed empty but I feel like something was watching me from within the armor.  I noticed a throne, I went to check it out but something was tugging at the back of mind telling me to stay away from it, so I did.  I was searching for something to create some light when suddenly all the candles flickered with flame, freaked out I ran to the door outside but it wouldn't budge, looks like I'm stuck here so I might as well look for a place to collect myself.

    I noticed something odd while exploring the empty halls, a door appeared to have one of those suits in front of it, I went to investigate and again despite it seeming empty I felt like it was watching me, for a moment I contemplated moving the suit out of the way of the door but decided that it was probably better to just leave it alone for now, I'd rather not mess with thing I do not understand.  Fortunately I seemed to have found an empty room, which is surprisingly well decorated, but that's the least of my worries now, I' going to rest up and explore the rest of the castle later 
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