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The Calm[open]



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    Just going let you all know that in three hours the RP is going to officially start, if can't be here on time that's alright mostly because the starting hours are usually more of a solo experience(or an experience with your family f both of those types of player's are on) but eventually you'll all be intersecting with each other very shortly so there's no rush in this.

    Also I know you two have been very involved in your two background and story and whatnot but I would really like both of your's part three applications Maris and frisky Though I will allow you two to start without it at the moment but It would really help to know definitive what's going on(Though I do know the generally Gist where your going with it)     
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    I'm probably not gonna be available until much later today, but if you want me to post what I have and edit the rest in later or just have the rest be on frisky's app. i'll be around in like 7-8 hours

    name: Ser'verah Mafris
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    how they generally act: Ser'verah is warm-hearted, but overall more of a troublemaker than her sister, Kneken. She sometimes uses her spells to mess with people.
    Backstory(optional): She comes from a rich family and was going to a fancy expensive college, but her and her sister were falsely accused of robbing some gold. Currently staying with their Funk sibling/friend.
    appearance (optional):
  • @Loreteck
    Starting Roll
    Race: Dwelf
  • @Maris
    Alright it's all good.
  • @Firelie
    Alright then
    character sheet: well....
  • @Loreteck ;
    im on my phone. Can you jut tell me what you pulled pleased? Itd be a lot easier for me
  • @Firelie
    Class: wizard
    Attribute: Nymphomaniac
    item's: swift feather boots, mechasurfer, musical instrument
    spell's: mark of healing EX, dragging lightning, arcane bolts EX 
  • @Loreteck I'm not gonna really be available at all today. I'll try to have my little Character Sheet ready before the end of the day, but I make no guarantees; if I can't do it today, I'll make it tomorrow for sure.
  • @friskyBrisky
    Alright, that's fine.
  •                         THE CALM

    We open on a late august morning coming into day midday, the birds are chirping and the soft and sweet wind brush's against the landscape as leaves scatter from the outskirt's of the clearing. In the commercial district is experiencing it's daily buzz of visitor's and tourist going through the historical center and tour while many people visit the various restaurants, gift shops and other stories found in the center. The hunter's lodge it bit more quite due to game dimming down as the month's head towards the prime cold season,all is well in escrous...for now. As harsh but distant thunder is heard from the distance as an approaching darkness loom's over the south, scattered and rogue winds picking at the fields time to time, an almost cold reminder of the coming of the storm. But today is today and that is for tonight, and besides...what could go wrong?

    @Rein and @nikiduke ;
    We open on you two, the two sister's of quasi and scarlet Mochi of the mochi family living in a neo classical With great marble pillar's placed into the entrance towards the manor, as the manor itself seems so grand that it could put the country's palace into shame. the building itself is large box building with four floor's which each floor has at-least 30 sizable rooms in them. in the centers is a garden and court yard filled with old elven artifacts restored towards there prime condition. the back yard contains a large pool area covered up now so the leaves do not fall into the water nor will the rain that will be coming soon.

    we enter two rooms next to each other. one room Mallia lay's softly in bed in her pajama's her silky silver her layed about, while in Ramona room she lays submerged in her sheet's due to them being bigger than her. Both her a knocking on there room door, which usually means there maid has come to tell them that breakfast is ready.

    we open on the porc waking from his sleep from a cabin in the hunters lodge area, if he's there from him being a tourist, a worker in central district or a hunter is yet to be determined. however what can be determined his is fearsome look. however Syed believe's it is time he get's up and do something with his morning now.

    We open on a very over exaggerated mansion full of endorsement's and wealth being shown off within a more urban area of mansions within the clearing. Cole Tourney a man full of himself seems well asleep in his bed until his alarm goes off and that beautifully beauty sleep he had once again goes away to that dastardly thing called responsibility's.
    (Also a word of warring, your not immune to hate or aggression because you have lovable, in fact you have to make him a likable jerk, so don't expect you can get away with anything because you have the attribute.)

    We open on a mansion on a urban area of mansions where a neo classical styled mansion. We open on Atlas already awake and reading his paper and drinking his coffee on the balcony of his house. atlas looks over the distance at the mochi's family's, though not as successful as them, admirers the fact they keep elven tradition and culture strong, especially in this day and age as he go back looking down, reading the news once more.All of which is speaking about the storm.

    We open on an older mansion though recently renovated it seems, with it being more colorful than ever before. within the household stands multiple of art works strung about the place, to painting's, to sculptures and even some avant garde works. other than that there a lot of military ordainment's strung about the place as well.As we see in his bed room getting dressed Andreas, as he does he get's huge sense of nostalgia as he does reminding of his early day's living in the clearing.

  • @Loreteck ; Mallia looks at the ceiling. Contemplating things. "Come in" *She says casually*
  • @nikiduke
    Alright the maid come, an 32 year old dwelf woman red head and wearing the formal attire that you expect of traditional maid would wear comes in."excuses me young mistress Mallia, is something the matter?"
  • @Loreteck ; "No. What time is it?" *Mallia says in a painful tone*
  • @nikiduke
    she chuckles with a smile"Morning time, breakfast is about be ready mistress Mallia it's going to be a very busy day today so it's best you get all the energy you can from it"
  • @Loreteck ; "Ok. Is my sister up?" *Mallia rolls out of bed*
  • @nikiduke
    "Not yet, surprisingly for the eldest sister she sleeps like a baby."
  • @Loreteck ; *Mallia burps as she stands up and walks outside of her room*
  • @nikiduke
    "Oh...well I'll be awaiting for sister to wake up I guess"
    You enter the hall which is long and oriented though intimidating for anyone who hasn't lived here for long, you on the other hand have gotten used to the long red wine velvet carpet halls. where are you heading?
  • @Loreteck ; To the bathroom. To brush my teeth and do my hair
  • @nikiduke
    Alright you head to one of them rooms which is your dedicated bath room with all the associated needs you need for such occasions if you were to need to go to the bathrooms for something. such as your tooth brush and tooth paste. The brush just magical brush's your teeth for you while an enchanted hair brush brush's your hair with the person of a seasoned barber.
  • @Loreteck ; Alright. Next she takes a nice morning shower. Avoiding the hair as to not ruin it
  • @Loreteck
    As he does every morning he rolls over grabs his alarm clock and throws it against the wall breaking it "I'll get a new one" he closes his eyes "Few more minutes, I'll get up soon"
  • @nikiduke
    The water is controlled through simple hydromancy spell that allows the streams to move and hit specif body part's making it be able to avoid the hair from very getting wet, the water is warm and nice on your skin,as I assume you would dry up in a towel which in one swoosh warms and get's rid of the moister leaving you very clean.
  • @Kingedyou
    One of your servant's a small kobold man of 25 comes to sweep the clock parts into a pan"I assume you wish to go get one of the chaperone's then master"
  • @Loreteck ; She puts her pajamas back on and yawns as she heads to the dining room 
  • @nikiduke
    You head down two flight's of stairs and head into the grand dinning room, with a giant banquet servings of breakfast food displayed on a long marble table, as multiple cooks place the meals you see your father and mother siting at there respected ends waiting for your arrival.
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    @Loreteck ; Mallia silently sits at the table. Next to her father "Hi dad" *She says with a tired expression*
  • @nikiduke
    Your father greet's you back"Good morning dear, I see your still a bit sleepy from last night huh?"
  • @Loreteck ; "Yes" *She says whilst looking at the wall on the other side of the room*
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