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The Calm[open]



  • @Maris
    Nah it's alright if your active or not you'll be accepted here
    Charcter sheet: Argghh why does this keep happening
  • @Loreteck Wow, nice.
    I'll have my sheet ready later.

    @friskyBrisky Hey, wanna be related? :3

  • edited October 2018
    @Maris I was gonna suggest that actually! :)

    Although the relationship is going to be weird with my character. When my sheet is done, you'll see why. :p
  • @friskyBrisky Heh, well we'll see! Sounds fun. <3 and your sheet may be a base for mine heh

  • Hey @Toruk just wondering on how's your swashbucklers going?

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    total gold: 840 (1140 with aura of wealth from @friskyBrisky, which i get because she's my sister)
    things bought from class: Vivid Dreamer (-300), Terrorize Mind (-100)

    things bought from shop: Drunken Magician's Wand (-200), Conjurer (-500)

    total gold remaining: 40
    total stamina: 45
    character sheet: Serverah

    Okay, I didn't get much stuff, but a need a few randoms. I need 2 random magical companions (from conjurer), a random treasure (Aura of wealth), and a random spell (Aura of intelligence)
    [I'll edit my character sheet with the randoms]
  • @Maris (I'll let this pass once but you had no room for vivid dreamer but I'll let you have it on your character for now)
    here's your sheet with the stuff you got: here
  • @Loreteck strangely. I had a sheet, slept on it. And then decided it didn't work well. So I scrapped it and in the process of redoing it
  • @Toruk ;
    Alright just wanted to know.
  • @Loreteck A second class would be great
  • @Toruk
    booty raider
    going to bed now.
  • (Man I was so hoping for that warrior XD but eh I can manage, piratey artist that is a guardian. This is going be one interesting guy XD)
  • @Loreteck I have room for it because I sold aura of wealth.
    Alright, thanks!~
    I'll edit that in real quick
  • @Loreteck For when you wake up lad: 

    Corrupted Bag of Holding (Two treasures for free lad) 

  • Starting Roll: 
    Chosen Race: Dwelf
    Gold roll: 
  • If only my phone allowed me to look at sheets
  • @Toruk
    fireworks launcher and book of curse spells is what you got.
  • @Loreteck *Book of Cursed Spells* 

    Of course, of course. This will go well. 
  • @Maris
    Also your good for part three if I Haven't said that yet.
  • @Loreteck
    Total gold: 720
    things bought from class:

    Waraxe [620]
    Deathwish [570]
    Heighten Senses [520]
    Seismic Slam [420]
    Cleave [320]
    Double Frost [220]

    things bought from shop:
    Emerald of Persistance [120]
    Fiery Regalia [20]
    Wooden Spear [10]

    total gold remaining: 10
    total stamina: 84
    character sheet: Dwelf_Boi
  • @Gushy48
    Um...magnetic crush is an ability not a weapon, if that change's anything. if not I just simply move it towards one of your ability slot's is all and then your good to go for part three.
  • @Loreteck
    whoops sorry. Yeah do that and I’ll buy a 10 Gold weapon to replace it
  • @Gushy48
    Okay well your good for part three then.
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    Name: Apex 
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    How they generally act: He's a guy that acts tough, but he is really soft in the inside lol.
    Backstory(optional): Don't feel like it
    appearance (optional): Don't feel like it

    I'll choose my A and E from three rolls each:


    you know fuck 1s, i'm taking the first high roll
  • @Loreteck ;

    total gold: 800 (nice even number right there)
    things bought from class: 
    Smokescreen pistol (100)
    Buckle Buddy (200)
    Booty Raider:
    Golden Cutlass (250)
    Corrupted bag of Holding (450)

    things bought from shop:
    Multiclass (500)
    Elven Vestments (550)
    Electrocutor (650)
    Energy Vest (750)
    Bag of Holding (770)
    Hiking Boots (780)

    total gold remaining: 20
    total stamina: 105
    character sheet: Unsure on Name
  • @Gushy48
    Your good
    Your good for part 3
  • edited October 2018

    Name: Andreas (Unsure on the last name, but it has a stand in on sheet)

    Age: 49

    How they Act: Intrested in the world of art around him, and will protect art at quite a high cost. Also highly defensive of his family and his close friends (or ex crew.)

    Backstory: Andreas was a wealthy lad in a family of actors and artists. He leaned to paint and act before he knew how to write and was always focused on the arts due to this early childhood connection to it and his families strong tie to it. With being in a wealthy family, he got attached fairly close to his siblings as his parents were often away on business or tour rather at home.

     When he became of age and left his family to succeed within the world, he became mercenary that was hired by the nearby country to be a privateer. He had a fairly good contract and a large share of the gold and art they stole.  Andreas always made sure he got most of the art. He retired extremely wealth at the age of 40 and moved back to his home estate, now creating art rather than stealing it with gold for his country

    Appearance: Roughly 6’2”. His hair is a midnight black with a few streaks of sea blue. He has very artful designs upon his multiple vestsment. The vest he wears underneath is an old vest from the times he was a privateer. He has a book filled with his art, some images seem.. different from others. And within his pockets are occasionally a bag of holding. The only non artsy item he wears is a set of worn hiking boots. Around his neck is a small, bright gold bandana

    Appearance roll: 
    Endowment: 9

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