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The Calm[open]



  • @Maris
    Well since there close together enough for pryoblast and tsunami to hit them both....there both going to ID(Impossible death roll) from this.
    monster 1:
    monster 2:
  • @Maris
    they are both dead and you have cleared your side, it seems there's only fighting now happening at the south end.
  • @Loreteck For my Actual turn! 

    I am gonna jump of the necroflex colossus elemech and charge at beast I didn’t shoot and slice at it with my Legendary sword. The sharks are gonna go eat some beasts. And the elemech is going to Arcane Particle cannon the one I shot at with an anytime* 

    Basic Attack with the Shark tooth! 
  • @Loreteck Ser'verah dashes to the south end then!
  • @Toruk ; @Maris
    You slashed you didn't' shot for 15 damage.The last shark spawns
    elemech charges up and fire it's beam at the monster

    the sharks gang up on the beast that was shot by the captain
    the captain and turret are going to fire onto the recently stunned monster
    Ser'verah you arrive to see the carnage of the beasts, you got a action to do something
  • @Loreteck Ser'verah will cast Mystery Meat again, with everything going into one of the monsters.
  • @Loreteck (I anytime shot a smokescreen pistol in a seperate post)
  • @Maris
    fire:hammer of sanctification or sure fire melody, drunk wand bonus spell:soothe spirits...again
    Ice:ice blast or counter spell, drunk wand bonus spell: pyroblast...again

  • @Loreteck Oh dear, well... Ser'verah's luck can turn around just as easily as Kneken's did.
    Surefire melody and ice blast. All the offensive spells pumped into one monster.
  • @Toruk @Maris ;
    All the monsters....are all fucked up and they all have to ID
  • edited November 2018
    @Maris @Toruk ;
    And they all died, the one kneken fired at was gibed and incinerated into dust.
    @friskyBrisky ; @Toruk ;  @Lady_Kari ;  @Maris  @xxthatguy11xx ;
    congrats you won the mini 
    siege is over with..kind of minimal casualties
    (Sorry kari everyone was wrecking people to hard cause if there was any hicups I would have you thrown into the fray)
  • @Loreteck I hope back onto my elemech and sit down on it’s head, which conviently has a crows nest on its head*

    @maris A man with a aqua blue sword that resembles a shark tooth waves to you as he sits on a giant machine that looks like it is a walking ship (It has sails on its back, two cannon hands. A crows nest ontop its head is, etc.)
  • @Toruk @Loreteck Ser'verah waves at the man confusedly, as she looks around at the scene.
  • @Maris Andreas shouts out to you* “I think that is the last of them! How did the other sides do! I know west side practically had not a single issue.. but down here they had a lot of casualties before I arrived”
  • @Toruk "There were some casualties north too! Some of the guards died!"
  • @Maris “Anything from the east side?”
  • @Toruk "I haven't heard from them."
  • @Maris “I suggest we check up on them then! Or at least wait here for the all clear as I don’t see anything wrong so far from my crow’s nest here!”
  • @Toruk "My plan waz to wait zere, and look around for zy family."
  • @Maris “Guess I’ll wait here with you. Just don’t get near the sharks, I am unsure if they will hurt you by accident” There are no sharks to be seen, gut their are shark bites in some of the beast’s bodies*
  • @Toruk She nods and waits there. "I hope no more come. I have my sizter here."
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    @Loreteck (I was at a family dinner last night so idk whats going on for the combat. Could u catch me up please?)
    Edit:(even if the battles finished could u still catch me up.)
  • edited November 2018
    @Loreteck   Sorry for being gone so long I'm back now)
  • @xxthatguy11xx
    (pretty much what happened is that, west and east side destroyed mosnters thanks multitude of crit's while north side struggled a bit but prevailed facing some heavy casualties while south side almost felled due t the mines blowing up half the men and the monsters where rip and tearing through everyone,but then this man riding in a blobus mech form of a elemech a design that seems to deprive during from the great war,came in and blasted most of them away with his specter sharks and what not and then a kobold lady came in and gibed the rest, it was a total wash and the monsters stood no chance)
  • @Loreteck (never doubt the elemech and his sharks) 

    Andreas would just continue to be sitting up in his crow’s nest, looking over his shark tooth sword*
  • @Toruk
    In your head "how did I do master?"
  • @Loreteck “Perfectly Shelly. Your help did wonders” *He begins to wipe off any blood that was on the blade after he hit the beast*
  • @Toruk
    You here hear purr as you begin wiping off the blade.
  • @Loreteck i’m just imagining Larissa having a power pose, like from kill la kill (imma msg u the image.) over the corpses of the beasts as she looks at the sun returning after the storm
  • @xxthatguy11xx
    You see the sun rise but god damn it is foggy as fuck, also I didn't see the image in the PM cause it didn't pop up for me..
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