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The Calm[open]

The hamlot estate of escrous,located in the country of boland near the western boarders, is a collection of estates and manors located together belonging to that of the old family names that have lived in boland through out the ages. The land  itself is giant forest clearing in which a large flower field blossoms around it while large oak tress around the area from the outside.wind seems to pass very little in the clearing as flows across the clearing with only sound of the rustling of leaves giving the land a zen like vibe, garnered such noble interest. other then the housings there's a small commercial district located in the middle of the of clearing, there's A weather tower north west, A hunters Lodge east, and abandoned mine down south of the clearing. There has been reports of a major storm coming to western borders however the resident's were un-phased about the situation and continued there lives as normal. once the stormed hit however contact with Escrous ceased for 24 hour's. what has happened during that time is unknown but officials say upon what they currently have saw so far, that they can only assume the worst.

Hello there, my names loreteck and this is my first RP I'm making on the forums(so sorry if this is little awkward but...) and I want to make disclaimer about this RP I'm doing.This RP is a horror RP meaning that your characters most likely to be enduring alot of life and death situations from terrifying outcomes and adversary's. I say this just we have clear representation of what this is and not giving people the idea that "oh this is slice of life thing". Also it's my world which really dosent effect much of anything other than like lore differences which won't really matter much here in this RP.

1. no meta gaming and no meta dicing out of a situation.
 2. The GM dictates what happens, you can argue about an outcome but as long as it's reasonable then we can find a comprises(but do this too often or else just consider it a way for you to start an argument which lead to ignore any plight you have with my outcomes)
3.don't edit the dice..anyone can tell this and you ain't hiding nothing by doing so.
4.Don't be a dick and Don't fight among each other for petty Reasons because this is a game not a real life threat.
5. 1-5 are consider low roll's while 15-20 are considered high.
6. Az's will be the only accepted show card used. 
7. I'm new to this so have some patience as I might fumble alot during this.
8. have fun!

player characters
Mochi family
Cole Turney

Mafris family

Apex Atalanta


part one: starting roll
Chosen race:
Gold roll:

after that the GM will give you your random class, corner stone and attribute.

part two: shop
it's free-ish shop as you are limited to 4 treasures(AKA golden cards) to buy from the shop itself but supplies and any grey cards are free reign.

total gold:
things bought from class:

things bought from shop:

total gold remaining:
total stamina:
character sheet:

part three: character description
how they generally act:
appearance (optional):
(You chose your endowment BTW)
anyways I hope you'll enjoy the RP!



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