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Lyn Azveltara, Immortal Sinners and the Order of Chaos

edited October 2018 in General Discussion
During the Lyn Azveltara Gaiden campaign we partially sinned Lyn by donating an event Born to Sin. The Born to Sin event marked Lyn with a Sinned mark which would remain on her forever if she failed a Death Roll during that campaign. (She did not) We also know that Lyn knows about the Old Gods and that she knows that we gave her Ghost Blade. We gave her several visions and at the end of the campaign she has a argument with Rohbear about how "Phanto & Kallisto are false gods, and that the true gods are the Old Gods".

I believe that she would become a member of the Order of Chaos later during Season 4, she might also become sinned since we used our 'power' to make her immune to a Death Roll. I mean, she was Born to Sin and she knows we are the rulers of the realm. She might even talk to Galen since they are both at the council and Galen are joining the order.

Another thing which I have not seen discussed is that the sinners might be immortal. The Born to Sin event states:
"BE WARY OLD GODS. While Characters with your mark cannot die, these marked Characters will slowly lose themselves to become your servants overtime." We might give them Immorality just like how Kallisto gives Immortality to the Highbears.

Lyn becoming a member of the Order of Chaos will also make a very interesting dynamic between the character; we would have 2 Elves of High Nobility (Lyn and Galen) in the Order of Chaos, 2 sleeper agent at the Mana Arc (Sinned Lyn and Ageless Perdita Draughtwin). Lyn and Ghostblade have problems, just like how Galen might have problems about Ghostblade which indirectly killed Virgo.

So that is my theory. :drunk: Hope you enjoy reading my broken English :drunk: 


  • i don't think having a sin automatically makes you a member of the order. just aware of what's going on.
  • @TamTroll Well a lot of characters which has been sinned are joing the order of chaos. Also the Born to Sin event states: 

    While Characters with your mark cannot die, these marked Characters will slowly lose themselves to become your servants overtime.

    - Malestrom created the order.
    - Ghost Blace is proably in the order since Maelstrom got the dagger from Quintara Lotus.
    - Galen Sunsword  “joining a cult”
  • @Kadriaz Maelstrom hasn't even been said to have created the Order, dunno how the dagger thing makes Ghostblade probably in the order. - We already know there's more than one cult in URealms, so Galen could join one of them (although it's most likely that if he joins a cult it'd be the Order of Chaos since he's slowly losing his mind to us).
  • @UnluckyBimi Well my reasoning is that Ghostblade is the only character which can wield the weapon.
  • @Kadriaz But that's never been shown nor hinted at, it's just that Ghostblade is the only one we've seen use it. 
  • @UnluckyBimi "
    How quaint that you would create a weapon that will one day be used against you Old Gods. Your devotion to entertainment has earned you this opportunity to curse the dagger you have given Ghostblade. At some point in the Campaign, the Players will each start slowly rolling to see if they are affected by the curse. If they don't roll High, I will inform them that they have a deep greed in their heart to possess this powerful dagger for themselves. However, should any other Character from the moment this event triggers touch the dagger besides Ghostblade, they will be forced to IMPOSSIBLE Death Roll."

     The Elven text reads: "Should a mortal being other than the rulers of this realm touch this blade said mortal will melt away until they"
  • I'd like to point out that actually leaves the possibility of someone other than Ghostblade would be able to use it, although it'd be a 5% chance. So, yes it's unlikely but not impossible. @Dolfinmaster
  • @UnluckyBimi Id like to point out if anyone is able to not die from it, they would still feel the immense pain and drop it isntantly. And then if they try to pick it up again, would then have to roll again for the same thing to happen. Either way, Immortal beings can still wield it.
  • @Dolfinmaster We have no clue if someone who survives the impossible death roll would feel pain from it, as that's just a hypothetical and we've not seen that possibility happen.
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