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Pandemonium Card List

So I decided to make lots of cards that use 'new, unique mechanics', which basically means 'does something that hasn't been done- hopefully no one else has done this before'.
I make cards for attention because that's what I do on the internet. So, whaddya think?

Starting is the Harrier Class. The abilities marked with Combo on the gems can be used as a free follow-up after using an ability that Activates Combo.

I made the Trickster a while ago but I figured it would fit with the title.

The cavalier rides... something into combat. If only we had horses. But I probably don't want to make a unique horse companion for this class, or do I?

This is a Gerrymander, but different. I was gonna make another companion that was a variation on a companion, but I forgot about what it was supposed to be.

And -this- is a whole list of interesting items, treasures, etcetera.

And an Attribute and Cornerstone.


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